URGENT: INSEE confirms the collapse in the birth rate since the start of vaccination (LCDS)

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Hello everyone, I hope you are well, and it's time to share some info; ))). In the intro I show you the video of Draw my Economy which looks back on the scandal CADA/Laurent Toubiana, and in the same vein I came across this article from the Letter from the Strategists in the rabid sheep. But, as you have seen, births dropped by 63% in Australia following vaccination.

So I wouldn't pitch you normally, you know all the good we think of these gene therapies (among others), and at the pace of the 'possible' confirmations....

People are likely to be quite be surprised in the end..., but the fall in births, is ONE of the subjects covered in the documentary "Died Sunddenly - Sudden Death" which is now dubbed in French thanks to the great work of Quantum Leap.

In 2022, the birth rate is experiencing a historic drop, with figures never before known. This trend, which began to assert itself in June 2022, that is to say 9 months after the 85% vaccination rate in the population was reached, has become catastrophic since August, it is ie since the first effects of the third dose. For the moment, INSEE does not give any explanation for this worrying air pocket for the demographic future of the country.

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As can be clearly seen in this graph, nearly 2300 children were born every day in France in September 2017. They were down to 2100 in 2020, a few months after the very start of the COVID epidemic. They were only 2000 in September 2022, 9 months after the transition to the 3e dose…

And this collapse does not seem about to stop. If the curve follows the usual profiling of declining births in winter, there is every indication that the historical low of 1700 daily births reached in January 2021 under the effect of COVID angst should be close. 

This is what stands out birth figures published by INSEE

For the moment, INSEE does not give any explanation for this very worrying phenomenon...


Source (s): Lecourrierdesstrateges.fr via the rabid sheep


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