A repentant from Luciferian high finance testifies: “If only people knew how the world really works…”

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Ronald Bernard is an entrepreneur who was initiated by the elite and who worked in the highest spheres of finance. Trade in drugs, weapons and even people. Nothing frightens some of its customers who even flirt with terrorist organizations. He also evokes an even darker part of his past when his professional entourage wanted him to participate in a child sacrifice. This event was the starting point of his awareness and he moved away from this environment which tried to break him psychologically. He testifies today to the extreme violence of the financial milieu which led him to anesthetize his conscience.


Ronald Bernard 30 08 2017

In the first 20 minutes, he describes how the milieu works and his rise in the elitist circles of Finance, which nevertheless sounds like a descent into hell: accessing money and power but selling his soul to the devil.

Here are some key passages from his interview:

03:18 - If you can't put your conscience in the freezer, and by freezer I mean -100°C, not -18°C, then don't (he was told before jumping in. It made him laugh at the time... but not for long).

12:22 - Everyone imagines that they are enemies as if there were the good guys on one side and the bad guys on the other. But at higher levels it's just a game, they all work together. However, they must stick to the rules they themselves have created to keep the rest of society in the dark and ensure the top doesn't get too crowded.

12:58 - Other than the elite themselves, no one should find out what's really going on. Compartmentalised, can we define it this way? Yes. Everyone only knows what to do, only the elite knows what is happening.

13:36 - Nowadays we are talking about 8000-8500 people running the world.

14:39 - I played at the highest level for about 5 years. And then it was over. Everything stopped (for him at least and his circle of "false friends" made him pay for it).

16:50 - Through the world of Finance, you learn the whole truth. Customers give you insight into how the world really works.

17:11 - My clients were banks. They didn't want blood on their hands. But within its banks, there is always a handful of insiders who know very well what is going on. Something like 1% of banking staff know what is really going on around the world.

17:31 – You also have to negotiate with governments, multinational corporations, secret services, and what we today call terrorist organizations [...] You begin to see the connections [...] You see how they interact with others. The money comes from there, then it goes here...

18:18 - It was my job. Play it both ways.

18:30 - The secret services, you think they are there to serve and protect the country in fact, they are criminal organizations, more precisely, it is the system that is criminal. We are talking here about funding and then creating wars. Basically, it's about creating a lot of misery in the world. Many conflicts.

I said to myself, "If only people knew how the world really works." The secret services, nothing can stop them. Nothing. They also have their money flows. These flows come from the drug trade, the arms trade and the people trade as well.

19:36 - The whole world as we conceive it is just an illusion that we believe in.

20:57 - We looked down on people, we laughed at them. It was just merchandise, rubbish, trash. Nature, earth, everything could be burned and destroyed. Just parasites. As long as we complete our goals and make a profit.

From the 22e minute, Ronald Bernard talks for about 10 minutes about Luciferian circles that engage in child sacrifice as part of Lucifetian rituals. His testimony is poignant.

In the rest of this interview, he discusses in more detail the role of the various banks in the pyramid of global power. Just below the elite is the little publicized "Bank for International Settlements" (BIS) which is untouchable.

Finally, he speaks on an even more delicate subject: the global organ trade... on children still alive.

These practices must be known to the general public, and no French media will ever talk about them, so do not hesitate to share these videos with as many people as possible. The alternative media are there to compensate for this law of silence. Ronald Bernard is particularly right when he points out that it is the disinterest and inaction of good people that allows bad people to prosper in their vice... and never to be worried.


source: Fawkes.com

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