Killing Europe with Ukraine: The Swedes released the Pentagon's secret plan (

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On the trail of Bruno Bertez you have been warned in March 2022 of these plans of the Rand Corporation, and since see the road traveled...

Do you understand my feeling right now? Far from it, I don't ask you to share it, and I remain optimistic in the end, they believe they have the agenda under control, but in fact there is NOTHING...

On the other hand, what is sure and certain is that with the gang of horns that we have at the controls, it's that we're going to die, also do what you CAN for prepare yourself as well as possible.

There are a few months left, the Americans have already warned that they will send their bombers stealth Brand new B-21s in Ukraine (for info, they will be operational from the beginning of December 2022) and Ukraine demand more and more sophisticated weapons, amazing no ??

Meanwhile they want us to believe that Vladimir Putin is desperate, so look the size of Russia on a world map, and you will quickly understand (as well as their proximity to the North Pole Arctic).

Furthermore, I remind you that strategically at the 'purely military' level and therefore, nuclear missiles, they have the advantage over almost EVERY nation in the world, with the stealthy and unstoppable RS-28 Sarmat hypersonic missiles ... Americans will do whatever propaganda they want (and I experienced it live on Twitter), they don't own NOT this technology for the moment, in all case that works 100%...

What should give you perspective compared to the propaganda of French television, sometimes there is what we wish and reality....

And that's good !

Don't forget that the Americans have cependant widely the ability to PHYSICALLY harm Europe... and who hides behind the United States ?

Reminder: a total or partial withdrawal  The United States is destroying all European industry - Charles Gave (CETAVOIR)




Killing Europe Through Ukraine

Like enchanted rabbits, Europeans deliberately throw themselves into the mouth of the American boa constrictor

Over the past two years, PS military experts have never tired of pointing out that the United States has two main goals with NATO: to drive the USSR/Russia out of Europe as an alien civilization and to maintain the continental Europe under control in order to prevent a new leader from appearing there one day.

Thus, independent military expert Igor Mykolaychuk said that the Yankees had inflicted on Germany the third biggest defeat in its history by failing, in a hybrid war, to "give" Ukraine, after which the Germans had been running since the beginning of the 20e century by calling it a colony (under Wilhelm II) or a settlement area (under the Nazis) and, more recently, by dreaming of taking full economic control of Ukrainian lands.

- International historians have said on several occasions that Germany does not have a normal history", he for example underlined last March. - They have, they say, only twelve years of Nazism and the main memorial of Auschwitz, and they must constantly regret what they have done. Seventy-five years, three generations of Germans have grown up in this paradigm. The Germans have had enough, and have started to have imperial dreams again But Biden crushed them with 'soft power' and conquered Europe without a shot being fired Clearly, America will no longer let Germany dominate the Old World in any way whether it be.

All the while, Europe in general and the German political elite in particular repeated the mantra that the United States was our friend and Russia our enemy, and that all inventions concerning the destruction of Europe by America were "machinations of Russian enemies".

Recently, however, Swedish correspondents for Nya Dagbladen published a secret memorandum from January 2022, written by strategists at the Pentagon-affiliated RAND Corporation. The three-page document outlined in black and white a US plan for the total destruction of the European economy with the help of Ukraine and a "Russian attack", in which Germany and the government of Olaf Scholz played an important role.

The reason for the "weakening" of Berlin, according to the plan, is to cut off Russian gas and oil supplies and to encourage the petrochemical and metallurgical disaster in Germany, with a loss of 300 billion euros. As a result, unemployment and emigration are rising across Europe, Europe's best brains are moving to the United States, and Washington ultimately benefits with up to nine trillion dollars.

Can we really hope that after this publication, which is not the most insignificant of Western publications in terms of media importance, that Europe will finally understand what is going on in the current great geopolitical game and who is the main stakeholder in the energy crisis, and that it will begin to change its extremely hateful rhetoric against Russia into something more or less reasonable?

- In 1991, it was Russia that thought the Cold War was over, while many politicians in Europe smiled politely, but continued to prepare for a new confrontation with Russia,” CPRF member Sergei Nazievsky recalled and politician. - It is no coincidence that, in the context of recent political events, Europe has adopted a Russophobic attitude as if on a whim. After all, a large number of those who engage in politics in today's European Union have either grown up directly with the educational and political programs of the United States or are under the strong influence of Washington.

The Swedes are right: the entire current conflict in Ukraine, with all its consequences, was orchestrated by the United States. So as soon as America wants it, it will stop. But I don't see any preconditions for that, because the White House is taking advantage of what's going on. After all, Germany was able to build the current European Union largely only thanks to cheap energy resources from Russia.

One can also wonder why such a publication appeared, since all European media are controlled by America. It is perhaps a look at the last remnants of reason that remain somewhere. We should support them in a good way and remind European voters – guys, watch what they do to you, who you really stand for.

- Perhaps the only hope is that at least sober voices will be raised in Europe, but I don't think Europe will come to its senses against the background of such publications", shared his opinion with the PS newspaper Sergey Obukhov, doctor of political science, expert in socio-political processes and crisis situations in Central Europe and Russia, secretary of the CPRF central committee - European economic power, which has nothing to envy to that of China and the United States, is completely unsuited to the political subjectivity of European elites. It is the basis of the current conflict over the reconfiguration of global economic chains in anticipation of the redrawing of the world under the auspices of the Ukrainian conflict, and more precisely of the market raw materials, which implies the virtualization of the oil and gas markets by reducing them to all sorts of "futures" and "derivatives" which in particular allow American financial groups to control with p benefits from all these energy flows.

No one has invalidated the concept of capitalist profit margin, the financial "global toad" cannot live otherwise, so Europe is under pressure so to speak.

Europe will therefore only have "meaning" through a catastrophe like that of 1945, when our troops invaded Berlin.

"SP: - Perhaps after this Nya Dagbladet article, Sweden will reflect on its role in the American plan to replace NATO?

- It is likely that this article appeared because forces within the Swedish government have coalesced and far-right forces opposed to global transnational corporations have come to the fore. At least part of the Swedish political elite is therefore sounding the alarm. But I wouldn't seriously bet on that either.

We have seen very well how Russia's international positions fluctuated after reports from the Kiev regime of the "successful counter-offensive" in Kharkiv. If Europe (and Sweden) does not see a fundamental breakthrough in the special operations field situation in the near future, Western elites will continue to follow Uncle Sam's tail.

Everything will depend on the balance of power in the near future. I see parallels here with the Battle of Moscow in the Great Patriotic War. As soon as we were able to turn the tide in our favor, an anti-fascist movement sprung up in Europe, and Roosevelt and Churchill became much more conciliatory. It's the same here - we need the result of a special operation to make Western elites change their minds.

Until then, Europe, and in particular Sweden and Finland, will probably not be able to free itself from the yoke of the United States. Finally, according to military politician Andrei Koschkin, director of the department of political science and sociology at Russia's Plekhanov Economic University, they are an excellent springboard for NATO and its henchmen to exert military and political pressure on Russia in the coming fight for Arctic resources. For the winner of the XXIe century, it is not the restoration of the status quo in Ukraine or the eastward enlargement of NATO, but the Arctic and its unimaginable resources.

- What is happening in the world today is undoubtedly very sad and disturbing. But this is only a certain latent phase", believes the expert. - I am deeply convinced that at the end or even in the middle of this century there is a hundred percent chance that the real battle begins in the Arctic. It could very well be much more violent than what is happening now. And with the enlargement of NATO, the American leaders of the Alliance are only creating a broader springboard for confrontation in come.

“SP: So can we assume that the United States will stop at nothing to get as much territory as possible in the north?

- There are no obstacles for them here. Neither military obstacles, nor political obstacles, nor moral or ethical constraints are taken into account, so that they can carry out absolutely any provocation with the sole aim of increasing pressure on Russia. In a hybrid war that has long been waged against us, the Americans and the British will stop at nothing if the stakes are so high.


Source : "Убить Европу Украиной": Шведы опубликовали секретный план Пентагона


Translation: LZ


Source (s): via echelledejacob and sylvano trotta on the trigger track


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