(Updated) Stew Peters – Covid-19 not a virus, but an artificial intelligence parasite (SPS)

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Well, you know we alerted you on nanotechnology who seemed present in these vaccines very quickly, because it seemed to me serious and documented

Well here we are in the same vein, all this is impossible to imagine without reliable sources and explanations, I thus indicate that Mrs. Karen Kingston has all the patents and the proofs of what she advances.

Also trust us give us 32 minutes, and listen to the video, it goes clots, etc. and you will judge on the spot.

Help protect Dr. Karen Kingston, make this information visible.

Et pray for all of us...

These people are demons incarnate..., it is a war against humanity....

I often told you recently that reality goes beyond the purest of science fiction....

In any case, our job is also to take risks and to bring to your attention information that may prove to be crucial....

In extension, read the source with theResistance article 71 on transcription, etc.

Update 08.11.2022: Apparently it is confirmed, the parasite can be contagious without having undergone vaccination directly.

Update 13.04.2023: Apparently confirmed in the complaint against Pfizer: 101 - News of the lawsuit against Pfizer brought by A. McCarthy / P. Najadi - Valérie BUGAULT (Valérie Bugault)






Source (s): Resistance71 via Gâchette who thanked him...; )))))

Further information :

Karen kingston


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