"When the CIA financed Europe": disavowing Asselineau, the magazine Historia censors itself

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As our opponents have no counter argument against (among other things) historical truths, this video (and its copies) have been erased from Dailymotion and consort, fortunately as this media censorship is almost systematic, we too are almost systematically, backups of important videos; )))), so here it is hosted in a real democracy….)

The publishing company of Historia magazine has given formal notice to the presidential candidate to withdraw from its site an article published by the magazine in 2003 which dealt with the links between the CIA and European construction.

It's an ad the magazine doesn't seem to want History. François Asselineau, candidate of the Republican People's Union (UPR) showed live during the 20 p.m. news on TF1 on March 13 last number 675 of the monthly dated March 2003. This contains an article by historian Rémi Kauffer entitled “When the CIA financed European construction”.



The criticism of the European Union constituting the programmatic axis of the candidate, the presentation of this magazine thus enabled him to prove that the relations between the United States and Europe are the subject of documented university studies and have nothing eccentric or conspiratorial about them. The article in question had also been reproduced on the UPR website for some time...until March 17th.

On this date, in fact, François Asselineau indicated on its site to have received a formal notice "from the lawyer of Sophia Publications, the publishing company of the magazine History, demanding the withdrawal from the UPR website of the reproduction of the article”. The article in question has also disappeared from the magazine's website, "allegedly for technical reasons", notes François Asselineau. It is always available on different blogs and websites.

Despite everything, the candidate indicates that he wants to continue to inform the public and to "bring about a debate as beneficial as necessary on the role of the American intelligence community in the construction of Europe and on the proximity of certain "founding fathers" to the American administration. ".

Read also: François Asselineau accuses the United States of having financed Daesh


source: RT.com

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