We are going to Le Grand Reset with guest Marc Touati - (Draw my economy)

Touati does not understand that everything is wanted to apply DAVOS 2030 Agenda, RESET, spoliation then punishments will follow.

GREECE has returned to its standard of living of 2000, a leap back of 24 years.

Touati "we are in dictatorship" at the 28e min.

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Explosion of public debts, insane "money printing", worsening of financial bubbles, shortages of all kinds, soaring inflation, rise in interest rates, strengthened hegemony of China, war in Ukraine, return of recession in Western countries , existential crisis of the Euro Zone… Obviously, it would have been difficult to do worse.

With @Marc Touati

Marc Touati's book "Reset 2": https://amzn.to/3QzP09Z


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00:00 We're Going Towards The Great Reset

00:49 Our leaders don't want to see the reality

12:36 France on the edge of the abyss

20:31 How to save our “sweet France”?

34:31 How to protect our savings


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Call for resistance, the info.

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