Mortality according to vaccination status: the mind-blowing response of the Commission for Access to Administrative Documents (CADA)

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It is very, very serious, because I usefully recall that Mr Toubiana fears that (as we also think) this whole Covid story is faked, and everything is set up from scratch, and these data would make it possible to prove it (they can extract them by crossing the databases), to be exhaustive here are some archived articles (I cannot summarize everything in 2 lines)

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Hospitalization and mortality of vaccinated and non-vaccinated: the Ministry of Health does not want to know.

TRIBUNE - Hospitalization and mortality of vaccinated and non-vaccinated: the Ministry of Health does not wants not know.

From the start of the vaccine campaign, in January 2021, legitimate questions are being asked about the efficacy and safety of new mRNA vaccines. These were administered on a very large scale, without hindsight on possible adverse effects and on the basis of the only studies carried out by the pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccines. The sequence of events showed that the promised results were optimistic to say the least, even doubtful, while, at the same time, an unprecedented number of adverse effects had been reported to French, European and American pharmacovigilance centres. Faced with the silence of the authorities, only an independent scientific study is likely to respond to concerns. To this end, Laurent Toubiana asked the Ministry of Health for access to statistics on hospitalizations and deaths from all causes matched to Covid vaccination status. The persistent silence of the authorities led him to seize the Commission for access to administrative documents (CADA). Following this request, the CADA contented itself with sending him the astonishing response from the Ministry of Health.

The statistics of people who have died or been hospitalized since December 2020 according to their anti-Covid vaccination status do not exist! Such is the astounding response made a few days ago by the Ministry of Health to Laurent Toubiana, epidemiologist researcher at INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research). Director of the SCEPID team (Complex systems and epidemiology) and of the IRSAN (Institute for the valorization of health data), Laurent Toubiana has been asking for more than a year now to have access to these figures within the framework of the SurViVax study conducted as part of the SCEPID. Indeed, from the start of the vaccine campaign, in January 2021, debates took place around the effectiveness of new mRNA vaccines. Legitimate questions quickly emerged in the population, insofar as the vaccine was to be administered on a very large scale and without hindsight on possible adverse effects.

The only studies available on the efficacy of these vaccines, prior to their wide distribution in the population, are those published by the pharmaceutical companies that produce the vaccines. However, the sequence of events showed that these studies were particularly optimistic, even doubtful with regard to the results observed (we recall the promised 95% effectiveness). In fact, without external and independent validation, we are faced with a typical case of conflicts of interest but, surprisingly, the health authorities did not seem to be concerned about it. On the contrary, the precautionary principle, certainly applicable in this case, was flouted when it was brandished with force when it was a question of locking up the entire population within the framework of the confinements and other pharaonic measures put in place. place during two years of crisis.   

From the start of vaccination campaigns, never have so many adverse effects been reported for vaccine injections to French, European and American pharmacovigilance centres. The authorities reply that correlation is not causation and that these adverse effects may be the result of chance, unrelated to vaccination, without however producing the documents necessary for an independent analysis. The immensity of the number of serious adverse effects and deaths declared since the launch of the Covid vaccine campaign, compared to the usual number of effects declared for all the usual (non-Covid) vaccines for decades, however sweeps away this argument.

It is the answer to this essential question for the French that the work of the SCEPID on the subject aims at. Statistics of hospitalizations and deaths from all causes according to vaccination status can shed scientific light on this question. But to answer it, it is necessary to obtain these data which, of course, exist. Although data of this type is not usually available to the general public, the law provides that the CADA must provide it at the request of citizens, a fortiori if they are researchers wanting to take up this question. 

As an example, theOffice for National Statistics (ONS) English provides statistics of deaths from all causes by vaccination status. These data should therefore also be published in France.

Thus, faced with the silence of the health authorities, Laurent Toubiana filed, on February 19, 2022, a petition on the Senate's e-petitions site. It asked that the future work of the Office include an analysis of all-cause mortality in France, for 2020-2021, according to the vaccination status of the people. According to the petition, “ we observe abnormal excess mortality concomitant with vaccination campaigns (…). This observation made in France is also observable in European countries (…). The worrying statistical elements (recorded) make it necessary to study the all-cause post-injection mortality by independent researchers. ».

After being put on hold for “ technical validation » the petition was rejected by the Conference of Presidents of the Senate. It ensued a Tribune signed by more than 600 researchers, academics, doctors or legal professionals, to say the least perplexed by this refusal and whose terms deserve to be recalled, because they bring us back to the heart of today's question.

According to them, " this analysis of deaths from all causes is crucial with regard to the purpose of this commission of inquiry. However, the Senate committee responsible for sorting through the petitions received refused this request for transparency on the data, and did so moreover without giving any justification. The motivation of administrative decisions is however a legal obligation reflecting an essential right of citizens and a form of protection against the arbitrariness of political power. This is an obvious democratic requirement. This is why we, academics, researchers, health professionals and legal professionals, urgently ask the Senate to reconsider its decision and to ensure on this subject the total transparency without which it cannot claim to "address the concerns" citizens of this country as he promised ».

Faced with the impossibility of obtaining this data, Dr. Laurent Toubiana seized the Commission for Access to Administrative Documents (CADA) with his request. The procedure first consisted in officially seizing the Minister of Health (at the time, Mrs. Bourguignon) of the request. She never answered. The CADA was then seized of the same request, instructing it to address itself to the Minister of Health and, in the event of a silence or a negative response, to rule on the merits of the refusal.

Indeed, the CADA, which was created by a law of great importance, the law of July 17, 1978 on various measures to improve relations between the administration and the public and various administrative, social and tax provisions, has the specific mission of allowing citizens (the citizens) access to documents produced by the administration ( therefore paid by tax) and on which the State and local authorities base their public policies. The law of 1978 is now codified in the code of relations between the public and the administration (articles L. 300-1 to L. 351-1). Once a document qualifies as an “administrative document”, citizens are entitled to obtain a copy of it.

This law marked a turning point, in that it constituted a decisive advance in the rights of citizens, guaranteeing them the right to know the work on which the administration bases the policies that apply to them, and a real effort democracy and transparency. However, for more than two years now, the CADA seems to want to go back on this achievement. It has, in fact, rendered decisions which, on the whole, are unfavorable to citizens, denying them access to the various administrative documents produced in the context of the “health crisis”.

To carry out independent analyzes on the safety of all vaccinations implemented, we request access to weekly statistics of all-cause deaths and hospitalizations, by 5-year age group, according to anti-Vaccination status. Covid-19 since December 2020 and according to the flu vaccination status since December 2010. The details of the request can be found in appendix 1.

CADA's response

After being seized of the silence of the Minister of Health by Dr. Laurent Toubiana, the CADA itself remained silent during the one-month period provided for by the texts to rule on the requests submitted to it. This deadline is not imperative, according to the Council of State, since the CADA only issues an opinion which is not mandatory, but it should be noted that it only exceeds it exceptionally, as it should be. of an administration of this importance. Then, against all expectations, on November 1, more than two months after the application was filed, the CADA sent him the following notice:

The full letter is available in appendix 2.

Why the Minister of Health is laughing at us

However, several factors suggest that the answer given by the Ministry of Health to the CADA, namely that the requested documents do not exist, is not serious, even that it is not credible.

We detail in appendix 3 all the elements showing that all the data necessary for the production of the requested statistics are accessible without difficulty for the statisticians of the Ministry of Health.

To conclude:

- the vaccination dates are known to Health Insurance and the Ministry of Health. Those of anti-Covid vaccinations have even transited electronically everywhere with the health pass;

- the dates of death of all French people are public and already online. Everyone can consult and download them. In addition, the Health Insurance necessarily recovers them to update the files of the insured;

- hospitalization data has been processed by computer for a very long time. ATIH puts statistics online and regularly carries out analyzes based on them;

- partial studies using all these data have already been carried out by DREES, ATIH or the Epi-Phare group. It is therefore quite possible to complete them as required without additional technical difficulty.

So one of two things:

- Either the statistics matching deaths all combined with Covid vaccination status and those matching hospitalizations with Covid vaccination status do not exist and the conclusions in terms of public health policies that the Ministry of Health claimed to draw from non-existent data are purely and simply false and scientifically unfounded (protective effect of vaccination against severe forms of Covid-19, protective effect of the "booster", congestion of hospital services by the unvaccinated, etc.);

- Either such statistics do exist, but, for reasons that the Ministry of Health has not disclosed, the latter refuses to communicate them to a researcher whose work is part of public research.

The obligation to provide us with an answer

The statistics requested by Laurent Toubiana have, without any doubt, the character of communicable administrative documents.

- By way of comparison, the CADA gives life insurers access to death files including surnames and first names; gender; the birth date ; birthplace code; the locality of birth in clear (for people born in France or in the DOM/TOM/COM); the wording of the country of birth in plain text for people born abroad; the date of death; the code of the place of death; the death certificate number… (Opinion no. 20185412, 17 May 2019, relating to permanent access and free reuse of the "death file" as provided for by the end-use license no. 2013 0017004 as amended, concluded between INSEE and its client)

For his part, Laurent Toubiana only asks for anonymous data…

- In addition, the Council of State has recognized in the past that:

- The fact that the requested administration is not the author of the requested documents cannot prevent its obligation to communicate them, since they meet, given their link with its public service missions, the definition administrative document (EC, May 27, 2005, n°268564 );

- If the documents requested by the applicant do not exist as they stand, it is up to the administration to gather the necessary elements by simply extracting them from the databases available to them, as this cannot impose a burden on them. unreasonable work (EC, 13 Nov. 2020, n°432832).

Therefore, in normal times, the obligation incumbent on the administration is heavy and clearly defined: it must do everything possible, within reasonable limits, to satisfy the applicant.

The importance of having an answer

The fact that the Ministry of Health claims that there are no statistics concerning the vaccination status of all deceased persons is therefore not a sufficient reason to deny access to these statistics, since it has all the elements to answer the first 4 items.

It is extremely serious to note that the DREES never had the “curiosity” to carry out this verification:

If there is a severe outbreak due to a virus AND the vaccine protects, THEN the unvaccinated will NECESSARILY have a HIGHER mortality rate than the vaccinated. It is absolutely necessary to check it to determine if the risk-benefit balance can be considered positive.

We can only deplore that the DREES has confined itself to carrying out complex and dubious matches (in its own opinion) in order to promote vaccination, using the results of tests and hospital admissions allegedly “for Covid-19”, without never having studied the possible biases of these declarations.

Only ALL-CAUSE mortality rate statistics, according to vaccination status, can show whether vaccination has the slightest interest for the French.

An appeal is brought before the administrative court by Mr.e Baheux, because the French have the right to know.

Annex 1: Our detailed request

1)     Weekly statistics of deaths from all causes since December 2020 by 5-year age group and by anti-Covid-19 vaccination status (one dose, 2 doses, 3 doses).

These statistics make it possible to verify that vaccination does not carry a greater risk than the benefit. It is necessary to promote it within the framework of a public health policy that the vaccinated have a lower mortality rate than the non-vaccinated.

2)     The weekly statistics of deaths from all causes since December 2020 by 5-year age group and according to the anteriority of the last dose of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

It should be checked here that the date of vaccination has no connection with the date of death. This verification is the first to be carried out to ensure the safety of the vaccination.

3)     Weekly statistics for all-cause hospitalizations since December 2020 by 5-year age group and by anti-Covid-19 vaccination status (one dose, 2 doses, 3 doses).

In the same way as the deaths, it should be verified that the vaccinated were less hospitalized than the non-vaccinated. The ministry confined itself to studying ONLY the statistics of hospitalizations stamped “Covid-19”, but if the vaccinated people who came to the hospital were registered in another category (pneumonia for example for respiratory infections, or heart problem following vaccination), then vaccine efficacy is ultimately only an administrative counting bias.

4)     Weekly statistics of all-cause hospitalizations since December 2020 by 5-year age group and according to the anteriority of the last dose of anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

As with deaths, it must be verified that vaccination is not followed by a significant number of hospitalizations, whatever the cause.

5)     Weekly statistics of deaths from all causes since December 2010 by 5-year age group and current year flu vaccination status.

6)     Weekly statistics of all-cause deaths since December 2010 by 5-year age group and age of last dose of influenza vaccine in the current year.

7)     Weekly statistics for all-cause hospitalizations since December 2010 by 5-year age group and current-year flu vaccination status.

8)     Weekly statistics of all-cause hospitalizations since December 2010 by age group of 5 years and according to the anteriority of the last dose of influenza vaccine of the current year.

The aim here is to verify the risk-benefit balances of influenza vaccinations with the same process as that of anti-Covid vaccinations, as well as to compare these two types of vaccination with each other.

Appendix 2: CADA's response

Annex 3: detail of the evidence showing that the Ministry of Health has all the information necessary to compile the statistics

Concerning the documents requested in points 1 and 2

Indeed, on the one hand, the Health Insurance knows the vaccination status of all registered vaccinated. This data is dematerialized and easily accessible, since it has traveled everywhere to be used for the implementation of the health pass.

For the record, the pass was only valid for each individual for a specific period following vaccination. The dates of vaccination have therefore transited well by computer.

On the other hand, the Health Insurance knows the date of death of the insured. It is therefore easy to question the bases of the Health Insurance to answer points 1 and 2.

In addition, the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (Drees) already uses the vaccination status of the French from the VAC-SI database. This database is matched with the SI-DEP (test results) and SI-VIC (hospitalizations declared “for Covid”) databases. The result of this pairing is available online.

The DREES carried out various works to improve the pairings between the 3 databases and published the results of its investigations (this study also shows that the data concerning the tests are not of good quality and have permanently overestimated the positive tests in the non-vaccinated).

Therefore, the DREES is perfectly capable of pairing the VAC-SI base with the file of deceased persons which is public and accessible to everyone online.

The Drees also comes from publish an analysis concerning the difficulties in estimating the number of people vaccinated in France.




This study demonstrates that access to the data of vaccinated people does indeed exist. It is therefore sufficient to add the date of death of the deceased persons to obtain what is desired.

In the slideshow of the expert meeting of May 20, 2021, the Epi-Phare group clearly indicates its intention to study all-cause mortality following vaccinations. This work is perfectly possible. We wonder today why it did not result in a publication.

In other words, carrying out this matching work requested of the Ministry of Health by Laurent Toubiana does not pose any technical difficulty for DREES. This observation is important, insofar as, even if the statistics do not yet exist, the ministry must still provide them..

Regarding the documents requested in points 5 and 6

Unlike Covid-19, there was no specific device for flu vaccines. The work is therefore a little more complex. It is possible that no statistical work has ever been undertaken on the subject, in which case it would be urgent to start such work, as had been requested in the Senate report regarding H1N1 flu :

“The clinical effectiveness of influenza vaccines is, at best, considered uncertain.

Research on the effectiveness of influenza vaccines should therefore be initiated, in particular by following cohorts of vaccinated people. It seems useless to launch vaccination campaigns which would not provide real protection against the disease, and could moreover encourage neglect of the hygiene measures which remain necessary..

The diagram presented above shows that it is quite possible to obtain influenza vaccination data. All you have to do is create a request from the Health Insurance information system. If this has not been done, it is only a question of will and not of technical impossibility.

Regarding the documents requested in points 3, 4, 7 and 8

Laurent Toubiana's request concerned the statistics of hospitalizations for all causes according to vaccination status. However, hospitalizations were the subject of strong and repeated communication for many months by the media such as Le Monde, Le Parisien, relying on Dree press releases :

« Between October 25 and 31, 2021, the number of positive RT-PCR tests per 100.000 population aged 20 or over continues to rise. It stands at 155 per 100.000 unvaccinated inhabitants (against 133 the previous week), and 38 per 100.000 vaccinated inhabitants aged 20 or over (compared to 31). There are thus 4 times more positive tests among unvaccinated people than among those fully vaccinated aged 20 or over, at a comparable population size (...)

The results presented here come from the analysis of the pairings between the data of:

- SI-VIC, database on conventional hospitalizations or in critical care (resuscitation, intensive care and continuous care) of patients, hospitalized for or positive to the Covid-19 test.

- SI-DEP, database of test results for the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing Covid-19.

- VAC-SI, database on Covid-19 vaccinations ».

All these campaigns are based on the work of the DREES pairing VAC-SI and Si-VIC. Si-VIC only contains patients declared as “sick with Covid-19”.

On the one hand, communication on Covid hospitalizations was misleading. On the other hand, this in no way shows hospital saturation by the non-vaccinated. For example, if the vaccinated are hospitalized for another reason (pneumonia or heart problem related to the vaccination for example), they will not appear in SI-VIC, making any comparison impossible.

However, the Technical Agency for Information on Hospitalization (ATIH) uses hospital data on all causes of hospitalization to produce its reports. It is therefore already analyzing all-cause hospitalizations. We simply ask that the vaccine status of patients available in VAC-SI for anti-Covid vaccines or, directly from Health Insurance, for flu vaccines, be added to the ATIH analyses.

Note that the Epi-phare group has already carried out analyzes concerning hospital events according to the period following vaccination against Covid-19. We can read in the “METHODS” part:

« The National Health Data System (SNDS) is a set of strictly anonymous databases, including all data from the processing of healthcare reimbursements and hospitalization data (PMSI) for the entire French population (8-9). This database has been linked to the National Anti-COVID-19 Vaccination Database (VAC-SI), which includes vaccine type, dose rank and injection date for all people vaccinated in France .»

It is therefore quite possible to obtain statistics for all hospitalizations, detailed by cause according to vaccination status, this has even already been partly done.

Physician, head of the infectious and tropical diseases department at the Garches hospital for 15 years, adviser to a number of governments, Pr Christian Perronne notably chaired the Communicable Diseases Commission of the High Council for Public Health (HCSP) until 2016 and held responsibilities in working groups at the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) and the World Organization health (WHO).

Pierre Chaillot is a statistician.


CADA opinion following the request of Laurent Toubiana




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