Mc Kinsey, Big Pharma the health coup? (Gerard Info)

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You will understand why everything is coordinated between the countries, very interesting interview, which confirms Mc Kinsey's involvement with Emmanuel Macron from 2007 with the Attali commission, then in 2016 during the creation of En Marche, who fits in with the rest.

He also talks about McKinsey's 'Pro-Bono' (volunteering) so dear to Martin Hirsch...and its consequences...

As well as the hegemony of BlackRock & Vanguard and why they are so BIG (and it's not over if we don't do something....)

And their role in the current Covid crisis, you wanted to know where the money has been going for 3 years?

You will get answers.

Update 15.05.2022: Ursula von der Leyen: symbol of the ruin of the Western ruling class (TDI)

Update 17.05.2022: Blackrock and Vanguard behind global takeover and vaccine mandate (


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