Mammon or the religion of money (Arte)

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Ah! history always history...; ). I came across this documentary this morning, and I thought to myself that, given the news that we have see you tomorrow, that it would be a good omen to pass it to you to finish this weekend, because it is full of hope..., and confirms certain leads that we had humbly sketched out to you; )

Also, of course, as usual; ) the traditional "additional information" at the bottom of the article to help you understand the subject.

Update 30.08.2017: A repentant from Luciferian high finance testifies: “If only people knew how the world really works…”

Good viewing, and good evening.


When we invest in the bank, where does our money go? Starting from this question, director Philipp Enders, who has seen savings that he believed to be very warm disappear, launches into a dizzying investigation into the labyrinthine workings of the economy and finance. Using a mobile application, this layman will try to understand the hidden circuits and the quasi-mystical forces that govern the economy. Why do we have faith in money? Who sets the rules of the banking system, and how do we curb speculation?

Thanks to the insights of several international specialists (economists and traders, but also philosophers or professors of numismatics), this documentary goes back to the prehistory of money to retrace its evolution and understand the challenges of the current crisis. Gold standard, key rate, bubbles and derivatives: these more or less opaque notions are dissected in a way that is as clear as it is playful. This trip takes us to the European Central Bank, to the Stock Exchange, but also to Spain with the victims of the real estate bubble. Faced with the irrational obsession with growth, will citizen economy initiatives counter a system that has gone mad?


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