“The European Union is taking us towards war!” - François Asselineau (Right Line)

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I submit this interview to your sagacity, it is a pure scandal in the current period this censorship of the UPR for 13 years...., which continues, even though it is one of the keys to resolving the situation, the media will have a VERY heavy responsibility in what is likely to happen.

And we saw her yesterday with thearticle 4 of the law on sectarian aberrations which was passed back to the deputies after a negative vote, we reach the limits of the 'system', the dictatorship is seen more and more, also as for asking the French the question of maintaining France in Europe, I have some doubts let them ask it.

On the other hand, from my contacts in real life, I have good hope that the answer could very well be NO...

For war, people need to wake up... Or they might be surprised by the speed of the deadly spiral in which we are caught, through Europe and NATO.

Let's hope that Donald Trump is elected to defuse all this morbid delirium against the backdrop of the dollar... (well yes we must not forget all the same)

François Asselineau, president of the UPR, the Republican Popular Union, founded in 2007. #europe #ukraine #media #politics #france #macron #lignedroite

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