NATO prepares to officially reject any intervention in Ukraine (RI)

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More very good news, E. macron will be the only one c....... to want to intervene on site, but they will continue to provide weapons which will continue to do the happiness of the American military-industrial complex, all on credit....

NATO council

by Moon of Alabama

After recent threats from "Western" countries to intervene with their own troops in the war in Ukraine, Russia has reacted by revealing a deadly threat:

«Russia also announced a spontaneous tactical nuclear weapons deployment exercise:

“Russia has threatened to strike British military installations and said it would hold exercises simulating the use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield in response to Ukraine's use of British weapons to strike its territory. (…)

This is the first time that Russia has publicly announced exercises involving tactical nuclear weapons, although its strategic nuclear forces regularly hold exercises.

The exercises will be organized by the Southern Group of Russian Forces, which also takes part in the special military operation in Ukraine.

This should, for now, silence the loud voices who dream of defeating Russia in Ukraine».

It now appears that the treatment has achieved its goal.

The Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra reports (in Italian, machine translation edited):

«“No boots on the ground.” According to Corriere, this is one of the key phrases contained in the original draft of the document and which will be approved at the NATO summit to be held in Washington from July 9 to 11. The reference is made to Ukraine: the North Atlantic Alliance will not send soldiers into combat ("no boots on the ground"). The strategy, dictated by the United States, does not change. But at the same time, Western leaders are preparing for a change of pace».

NATO's official decision not to send troops to Ukraine is a guarantee for Russia. It is also an attempt to block certain presidents, in this case the Frenchman Emmanuel Macron, so that they do not contradict this strategy. At least that's how interpret it Ukrainian media Strana and Russia correspondent Gilbert Doctorow. Strana (automatic translation) :

«According to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, NATO plans to adopt a declaration at the July summit, which will fix the refusal to send forces to Ukraine. “No boots on the ground” – according to the newspaper, this point must be read.

It should be noted that the Alliance has repeatedly stated that it will not fight in Ukraine. If this point is officially set, this approach will greatly problematize the efforts of countries such as France, which do not rule out the introduction of troops.

It should be noted that information about the preparation of an official NATO statement on the non-participation of its troops in the war in Ukraine appeared literally immediately after the ultimatum of the Russian Federation, which hinted to the use of nuclear weapons in the event of the entry of NATO troops.

In theory, such a declaration would not prevent NATO countries from deploying troops unilaterally. However, in this case the question arises whether the entire Alliance will come to the aid of this country if the Russian Federation begins to strike its territory».

In an interview with Sputnik International, Gilbert Doctorow daily this interpretation:

«The rationale for NATO's new "no boots on the ground" strategy in Ukraine is to silence bellicose "loudmouths" in the West, international relations analyst Gilbert Doctorow told Sputnik.

The alliance's decision was designed to "silence Mr. Macron, silence the Lithuanian prime minister and other loudmouths who have called for NATO troops to be sent to Ukraine to save the Kiev regime from "an imminent military defeat," Doctorow said.

According to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the phrase "no boots on the ground" in Ukraine is a key phrase contained in a draft document expected to be approved by the NATO summit in Washington in July».

I cautiously agree with this interpretation. But I have yet to find any mention of this decision in other “Western” media. This decision is therefore still too unofficial to be considered a proven fact.

Furthermore, according to the Corriere Della Serra, NATO will take over the collection and delivery of weapons for Ukraine. This task has until now fallen to the United States, within the framework of regular meetings of a contact group composed of American proxies and allies in Ramstein.

The Biden administration is thus abandoning its failed project on Ukraine, which was supposed to “weaken Russia” but which resulted in the opposite. (It's something I had predicted during the first month of war).


Source (s): Moon of Alabama via The Francophone Saker via Réseau International


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