The role of the City Of London and Wall Street in the rise of communism and the Third Reich..., as well as the workings of mind control

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This little video clip is from the 2e video of grand jury, but I wanted to isolate it for you specifically, because in this excerpt this specialist in GCHQ (equivalent NSA in England) confirm (among others) M's informationme Bugault on the key role of the City Of London (and therefore of Wall Street) that we sent to you.

And for the United States outside of their support in engine and gasoline, and in high radio technology (of the time), to carry out the famous "Blitzkrieg" attacks which made the success of the Nazi regime.

It reveals the links between IBM and its German subsidiary Hollemth who sold a computer "surveillance" system with punched cards to the Nazis (for the camps I guess more info here), then it doesn't remind you of anything, QR CODE, Health pass ??? Hmm???

Also people need to UNDERSTAND that the Nazis (their ideology) were on both sides of the Atlantic, and that their projects never stopped.

They got more 'low key' but now we have Adolf Hitler's old dream come true: 'From Europe'

And we always this state genomic research, well it's a little more 'confidential', but the purpose remains the same...

And hardly anyone understands that for 50 years the pattern continues, Nazism and capitalism are INDISCOSSIABLE, they just take other forms to disguise themselves (yes Nazism, it still has bad press).

Also, understand that Emmanuel Macron is only one of the consequences of this control and in no case does this highlight the CAUSES depths of evil.

People have the information on the Internet (10 years that we warn), they have the information on Twitter, if they do not react it is that they are in phase (consciously or not) with these deadly ideologies (and of course deeply satanic) since they do not revolt (and thus they condemn us all).

do not forget that all this information is historical and publics this means that ALL policies, ALL the journalists, EVERYONE is informed of the HISTORICAL reality of the FACTS and deep motivations of globalists and Americans,

Also today like yesterday, you can appreciate the power of the MONEY dictatorship.

You did see (almost not) one ear does not protrude, TOTAL silence.... (for 50 years!); ))))

Update 08.04.2022: The Wall Street Trilogy – Antony Sutton

Reminder 09.04.2022: The USA is spying on our Companies and waging an Economic War on us (Ali Laïdi)


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Video summary: Let's go down the white rabbit hole and follow the money... (Quantum Leap)




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