The Day France Died (Le Temps d'y Believe)

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So at 10e 49.3, in the midst of the energy crisis, while we are suffering from immigration and inflation, unemployment, deindustrialization and relocations with full force, and all sprinkled with tax evasion and social dumping (among others), and this always with the aim of shoehorning France into the federalism (what has never been hidden), I think it will be good for everyone to do this analysis and this historical review in 39 min.

It's a bit dated, so as for 'peace' I think now Do you have the answer...

The future is what we make of it, and we make it precisely 49 years of doing nothing, so necessarily at some point, it has consequences... So will we all be able to avoid the worst... or not... ????

I admit that it is badly crossed... However there are grounds for hope...



Popularized presentation. Simply understand the institutions of the European Union, what place France holds in them, and what the consequences are.

First of all :

- This video shows the state of affairs until spring 2016. There have therefore been changes since then in terms of European directives applied and laws passed. They therefore do not appear in this presentation.

- Another change on the political party side: The party "Les Patriotes" launched in September 2017 by Florian Philippot joins the UPR and the PRCF in the camp of those who call to leave the European Union or Frexit.

Other small parties and movements are created working towards the same objective.

1) Accuracy:

- The committee proposes laws to the European Parliament and the Council of the EU (Articles 251 and 289 TFEU). The Parliament and the Council of the Union can ask the Commission to legislate in an area. But the commission, which has the monopoly of the right of initiative, can ignore this request.

- No referendum has "intrinsic" value vis-à-vis the EU, because ONLY the commission has the right to legislate and execute...

- The EU Parliament is excluded from any opinion on EU taxation and revenue (Article 311 TFEU)

- For Parliament to censure or dismiss the Commission, a majority of members of Parliament and 2/3 of the votes cast are required (Articles 17-8 and 234 of the TFEU)

- Article 293 of the TFEU stipulates that the Council of the Union “can only take a constituent act, amendment of the proposal, acting UNANIMOUSLY”. The Council of the Union can therefore only oppose the Commission unanimously!

- The European treaties can only be modified (except in minor cases) by unanimity (article 48 of the TEU). As no State has the same interests (ex: taxation of Luxembourg, currency for Germany, differences between countries of the East and the West, of the North and the South...)... the treaties do not can be changed.

- There are 20.000 lobbyists for 28 European Commissioners in Brussels.

- 75 to 80% of national laws come from the EU.

- Viviane Reding: There are no more national internal policies!

Message from a contributor: - Raw Dog pointed out to us that it would be more accurate to speak of “Contributions” rather than “payroll taxes”. So let's hear it like this during the video. Discussion moves the debate forward. Thanks to him.

2) It's even better when it's sourced:

- Articles of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) and of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU):

- National reform program for 2015:

- National reform program for 2016: http://proxy-pubminefi.diffusion.fina...

- Recommendation of the Council dated July 14, 2015 (quite a symbol for the French in terms of freedom, lol!!!):




Further information : trillion dollars The Bilderbergs Only sovereign and strong states will have a voice in the coming world order - Vladimir Putin


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