Bishop Vigano's March 2023 speech and his warning about the new religion of globalism

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It is Sunday, and I allow myself to humbly ask you for a bit of concentration in order to listen to this message. full of hope of Mgr Vigano and what he says about the USA and about the world, because it is valid for France, also after these 3 years of madness, it is good to take stock,

I'm sorry, but he had alerted us to the risk what did 'gene therapy' do to our souls, also he indicates that all this faith in science and globalization embodied by the 'official' response to this 'covid crisis' was a kind of induction into the 'new world order'.

Where people indicated their worship and their devotion to the 'system' in general.

So I remember all those mental manipulations of which we have been the victims (no 'theories', but psychology and facts)

(But D'after the book I'm reading, we must believe that even these warnings will not have allowed people to escape these 'possibles' nanotechnology)

Finally it is a case in progress.

But it's good to have the church's point of view on all this, because without the religious prism we cannot understand the global scheme, so I recall the multiple alerts of Bishop Vigano on the dangerous slope that our world is currently taking in additional information at the bottom of the page.

Either way, it's clear....





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