Australia records 63% drop in births after coronavirus 'vaccines' introduced - What will be the government's excuse? (

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We are has warned, NO ONE took us seriously....

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(Natural News) New data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that since the launch of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccines", the birth rate in Australia has fallen by 63%.

From October to November 2021, the number of births decreased by 21% compared to the average over a period of 10 years. From November to December 2021, just one month later, the number of births fell by 63%.

"December was about nine months after the launch of the COVID vaccines," notes David James of LifeSiteNews, of the difficult time between conception and birth. (See also: Taiwan experienced a similar drop in 23% of births after the launch of Operation Warp Speed).

“It is possible that some of these figures will be revised, but if the trend continues, Australia will end up with empty maternities. Even the propagandists who run the government's media departments, and the so-called journalists who imitate everything they say, will have a hard time hiding this problem."

Therapeutic Goods Administration (the Australian FDA) committed mass murder against citizens

Chances are that no one in Australian politics, except perhaps a few "fringe" individuals, will say a word about this damning data. This is because they expose Fauci's flu shots as a depopulation tool.

If anything is said, it will likely be shot using the common trope that “correlation does not equal causation,” meaning no one knows for sure if vaccines are responsible. But what else could it be?

The only thing that has changed at the start of 2021 is that Donald Trump has fully launched Operation Warp Speed, unleashing billions of mysterious chemical injections on the world. And about nine months later, birth rates around the world plunged.

There's at least one formerly in power, former federal senator George Christensen, who wondered, "Is it the jab's fault?" He even wrote an article about it that will almost certainly put him in the crosshairs of defamation and character assassination.

Naomi Wolf and a team of investigators have identified a long list of vaccine-associated negative outcomes that go far beyond simple reproductive failure. They include:

  • Male fertility problems affecting sperm, prostate function and therefore fertility (the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was made aware of this on 1er April 2021, which did absolutely nothing).
    Female fertility issues, which were also ignored by federal regulators.
    Ultrasounds showing abnormal inflammation and calcification in fetuses about eight weeks after injection.
    penile lesions that Pfizer acknowledges in its own internal documents
    Miscarriages at a rate of 87,5%.

Did the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia's version of the FDA, bother to consider all of this when it licensed, approved, and then mandated Fauci's flu shots for its citizens? If it did, how did the TGA come to the conclusion that these vaccines are safe for everyone, let alone pregnant women?

The Dr Fertility specialist Luke McLindon says he saw a massive increase in miscarriages in his own patients after the vaccines were launched. Prior to Operation Warp Speed, the miscarriage rate among McLindon's patients was 12-15%. Today, among his “vaccinated” patients, it has reached 74%.

“What we need at this point are not complete answers, but the right questions,” James says. "Questions the media shamefully failed to ask, then, even more outrageously, attacked others for asking them."

"The first questions will take time to answer, but they need to be asked: 'Why is the declining fertility rate happening? Why has Australia's death rate jumped? Why is the average age of death from Covid the same as life expectancy in Australia?"

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