The truth is starting to come out.... People were vaccinated for NOTHING (except maybe some darker motive...)

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The covid was saving 99,965% of PEOPLE ! And from the START early treatments DID WORK, but studies were KNOWINGLY SCUMBRED What will all those people who have been vaccinated with an experimental product think? possibly fatal (which in 'appearance' does not work) for nothing !!!!, and all these people disabled for life...

RECALL : Video of the day (below): Lots of people got vaccinated for NOTHING... - Vaccination of children heresy... Mild pandemic" (TO SHARE ABSOLUTELY)

RECALL : Pr. CLaverie: The Vaccine does not work: It is not the solution to our current problem. (

Update 26.11.2022: Died Suddenly - Death Suddenly (FR)

Update 05.12.2022:URGENT: INSEE confirms the collapse in the birth rate since the start of vaccination (LCDS)

We said it, we endured everything and we held on, and see the result.

If he hadn't banished theHydroxychloroquine, L 'Ivermectin, L 'Azythromicin, there were not no worries to treat the few sick...


Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 10:35 AM
To: Fauci, Anthony (NIH/NIAID)
Cc: DELFRAISSYJean-francois

Subject: France COVID-19 situation

As you may know, we are currently facing a media buzz since the announcement made by Dr. Raoult on the effectiveness of hydroxy-chloroquine. His data is not particularly convincing. We can distinguish a slight positive signal but it must be confirmed by a randomized study of good quality. We have also started a monkey model study with HC and should have the results by the end of next week. In addition, a cohort of severe COVID+ patients has been created and some will be treated with HC: we will analyze these results with all the necessary awareness. It will also be possible to do a prevention trial for healthcare professionals and elderly people with HC. healthcare professionals and older people with CH.

I'm under enormous political pressure to release HC and give it to everyone, but I am currently resisting.

Email Fauci P. 1841

The result you KNOW, ALL GLOBAL FEEDBACK indicated that hydroxychloroquine worked 73% in EARLY treatment, BUT.....  ALL EUROPEAN AND FRENCH STUDIES HAVE ÉBOTTLED TEES by giving the treatment at a critical stage, instead of giving it at the beginning of the disease, and a MISLEADING ARTICLE OF THE LANCET DISTRIBUTED BY A PORN ACTRESS! was taken for CASH by the government....., and Hydroxychloroquine which had been used without problems for 70 years, was FORBIDDEN ILLICO (and it was good for THEM and you will understand WHY) finally except for politicians, journalists finally all the 'gratin'.. Of course, don't mess around anyway........

But NOW, having vaccinated all these people there is an 'immune escape' phenomenon ALL scientists know NOT to vaccinate during a pandemic, we had been warned, they did not listen to anyone for us LOCK IN HELL with endless variations to sell EVEN MORE 'vaccines.' (finally these are not precisely Administrative staff 'vaccines' in the sense traditional of the term, that's how all the people have been BUSTED!)



And make SACRIFICES !!  to their IDOL! Mammon!

Plus it cost us €600.000.000.000 a trifle for nothing !!!!! (EXCEPT KILLING THE SHOPS for ONLINE sales)

But the scam continues, and since NO ONE has listened to us for 12 years (except you fortunately), with terrorists at all levels of command, Elysée, Europe, USA, we are all on track to be transformed into heat and light !!!!! It's the law of evolution, when you're BEAST we are ELIMINATED from the EQUATION ! it's the law of nature ! Everybody knows it !

We had some millions of years of evolution the earth was a MIRACLE and a JEWEL of the UNIVERSE, and we have Fuck EVERYTHING in 70 YEARS!  (always for Mammon and the POGNON!) at this price, there, the planet will be better off without us.... (and only a select few will be able to fully enjoy it)

Reminder: a total or partial withdrawal The secret of Adolf Jacob Hitler...

Reminder: a total or partial withdrawal Albert Pike's letter and his Machiavellian plan

As I told you, they won't stop there...., But.... One can all over the world..., and to EUROPE,  some rise up, against the CORRUPTION, L 'BUSINESS, And the SANITARY DICTATORSHIP and we must SUPPORT them...

But we can't not do much more, the ball is in YOUR field.....

And I specify it, because it is IMPORTANT (especially with everything that will happen, Inflation, ECB, War, Gas, Oil, Food, DEAD..... etc....), do not make a violent revolution, or they will STRUCK you, and put a military dictatorship instead, that's ALL they are waiting for......., (E. Macron has been provoking the French(s) frontally for 6 years for this purpose I think .... Remember 'they come to get me' while he has 5000 CRS around him .....)

(Also I repeat myself, but it is voluntary) it's the SAME trap for 250 YEARS!!!!!

You have to GET OUT of this infernal loop, and be smarter than that.....

It will have taken 2000 years to have the internet, it is up to us to know how to use it for something other than buying on AMAZON....., or we WILL DISAPPEAR.

It's that simple !

Once again I told you (when we have the GOOD information....) EVERYTHING IS SUPER SIMPLE !!!!

Friendships, ; )))))))



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Further information : trillion dollars



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