'Globalization' is an AMERICAN CONS trap! deliberate to the detriment of ALL the people of the WORLD, and for the benefit of the USA and a few, which is DESIGNED to... end VERY badly...

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Hello everyone, I hope you are well, and this Wednesday, August 3, 2022 will go down in the history of humanity as the 'day of the great REVIVAL!', because yesterday I watched the video submitted to me Liliane Held-Khawam, following our resumption of article on those responsible for all this who act behind the scenes.....

And we now have ALL THE EXPLANATIONS on what we are currently experiencing and since 1973!!!!!! And WHY in 2022 our country is literally DESTROYED and STRIPPED and in debt to the tune of 3000 billion euros!!!!!, because you know with Valérie Bugault, we had since these evil entities were present wherever there were 'central banks' but in fact you have to understand why...

And why ALL THIS is voluntary, it's a process that aims to privatize everything, 'standardize' everything, on ONE SINGLE MODEL (I'll let you guess which one) and to sell, among other things, the same products EVERYWHERE worldwide, this for the benefit of a few (always the same!) and from the UNITED STATES of America, again ALL THIS IS PUBLIC.

I mean this is not 'out of a hat' info (conspiratorial? hahaha), in short, understand that this is a CRIMINAL process, we call it 'globalization'.

From 1988 Maurice Allais, who was for a long time our only Nobel Prize in economics, was not mistaken and WARNED us!, (of course for the reasons explained NOBODY listened to it) besides look at the WORLD money supply M0 (money in circulation) and M1 (payment) as an illustration, you know that the more money you issue, the more it loses its value (and take a good look at the graphs!!! (C) Liliane Held Khawam. In particular the 1st M0 from 2008 when they started the Quantitative Easing a.k.a 'printing machine'! As you will see with the second graph below the ECB aka European Central Bank is not RESTING!!!!! With 8600 billion euros!!!! of DEBT issued on our BACK!!!! Did you see them pass? not me then where did all that money go?????, more complete and more technical answer with Marc Chesnay.....)

Globalization Is An Asshole Trap
GLOBAL Money Mass M0 and M1 (C) Liliane Held Khawam
ECB 8600 billion
European Central Bank, Central Bank Assets for Euro Area (11-19 Countries) [ECBASSETSW],
retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/ECBASSETSW,
January 27, 2022

And so as you know issuing debt causes inflation (money loses its value), and as you can see on the graph above since 2008 they MASSIVELY issue money and therefore the inflation is rising! !!!!! They just HIDDEN ! so as not to HAVE to INCREASE salaries!., but now to 9,64% they don't CAN MORE, everyone SEE it!!!!, and you can see it in your everyday life. It's simple, the Heist being finished, these people 'decided' on us ERADICATE! Cool, quiet... As with E. MACRON, where there is discomfort there is no pleasure.... (you will understand, moreover, why it takes us so long OPENLY for idiots!)

They rob us, they despoil us, they rob us, they destroy our jobs, our lives, our families, our companies, our industries, our countries, our social models, our economies, our currency... And them (all the financial oligarchy, transnationals et The multinationals) they are ALWAYS getting richer!!!!!! Until almost OWN EVERYTHING!!!! (it's a MENTAL ILLNESS !!!) And this with the COMPLICITY of ALL THE LEADERS!!!!!! (ALL POLITICAL EDGES COMBINED, I THINK THEY ARE 'INTERCHANGEABLE' THEY ARE JUST 'ILLUSIONS' that serve the same GLOBAL PURPOSES)

08 Follow the Money Trail Orig

In short, all this is calculated and surtout PREMEDITATED, and will result in 'the big reset' (created in 1967), and then the 'deep sleep' and the transhumanism... (they take us for 'their things', their transhumanist GUINEA PIGS (like this well-known French doctor), that explains why E. Macron wants to 'vaccinate everything that 'can' be....)

I told you that ALL of these people are PSYCHOPATHS of the WORST KIND! (attention there is a 'religion' behind it too, which explains ALL these HUMAN 'sacrifices'! and ALL this SUFFERING AROUND THE WORLD! and for 14 YEARS!!!!), and they rule almost all the countries, finally everywhere where there are 'central banks', this video explains why, whatever the president you elect, you will have more or less, the same GLOBALIST program. (aiming to BLEED us)

The one defined by transnational corporations and multinationals who decide EVERYTHING! there 'democracy' is de facto DEAD and it's been at least 14 years! (well I would say 49 years in fact, since 1969 and the resignation of Charles de Gaulle pushed towards the exit (May 68) by the United States of America and Israeli agents (Freemasonry The Dreadful Truth of S. Blet Page 91), MANDATORY step to be able to submit BY DEBT and the MECHANICAL weight of INTERESTS (Pompidou/Rothschild law), ALL subsequent Presidents are UNITED STATES PAWNS)

Everything you are told everywhere on ALL MEDIA is PIPEAU!!!! The dice are loaded! the game is rigged !, and it's ONLY debt..., and EVERYTHING is holding together thanks to the COMPLICITY of ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA! (which are an integral part of the system)

00 66 66 GOLD DOLLAR 1

And guess who wins in the end ??. Papa Schwab...... aka "You will own nothing and you will be happy...."

Normally as said Liliane Held-Khawam in her Powerpoint, in any DEMOCRACY, a guy who announces the spoliation of all populations, would end up in PRISON!, and there strangely... Nothing, everyone praises him as a genius who go 'save the world' .....With some CARBON QUOTAS !!!!! (Robins Hood upside down = Inversion of values ​​= World of sick people....)

Special thanks Liliane Held Khawam, I share with you below in video his presentation of the issue at the: 2021 AMI Monetary Conference

You will find here the PowerPoint in French to accompany the live video.

All I hope is that as many people as possible will see this information, the video is 40min long and is quite easily intelligible, you put the subtitles in English and off you go.

Explanations of Liliane Held Khawam, knowledge is the POWER, the power to understand and SO to act on things.

Don't be fooled, they get rich EXPONENTIALLY ON OUR BACK!!!!!! For 14 YEARS!!!!! At levels NEVER seen in ALL of human history... and we... It's simple we die.

But honestly in which movie did they see that? It's in their wildest dreams I guess (drug abuse is bad for the brain), but they had been calm all this time. Because they have destroyed our intellectual capacities KNOWINGLY so that we become as BEAST AS POSSIBLE (lower IQ), so that we do NOT UNDERSTAND their game, and this until the end! In short, they thought they were going to put us to sleep ad vitam aeternam with the media, the press, etc.

Of course theEurope, all that, how to say .... You will understand the mystery von der leyen and DICTATORSHIP!!!! ...hahahahaha; ))))))))))))))

Make good use of this information, and please relay it if possible, and ESPECIALLY once you have integrated the information, explain it to OTHERS! it's REINFORCED CONCRETE!...

So I want to say: go show yourself Klaus schwab (and ALL the others!), poor clowns.. (of course there is a certain 'ideology'behind it all....)

And de facto, you will ALSO understand WHY they made these vaccines 'possibly' DEADLY!

Of course we must not FORGET Secret Societies who are above all that....

Charles de Gaulle had understood everything on the American 'money board' as early as 1965!!!!! And WARNED us!

Knowledge is POWER!

Incidentally, as I say every time, avoid 'violent' revolutions, they are waiting for THAT! (they anticipate it, they WISH) to repress us... Violently!, Problem->Reaction->Solution always the same trap for 250 YEARS!!!!! (I repeat it intentionally to avoid the WORST, you have seen the yellow vests....? Well, this explains it....)

You'll have to be smarter than that...

And if you can, buy the books of Mrs. Held-Khawam, it's not EXPENSIVE, and it's 1000 times better than ANYTHING we'll ever be able to do here, go DIRECTLY to the SOURCE (in addition there is Marc Chesnay in the loop who WARNED us of all this in 2017)


1.- If the central bank creates money from nothing, it does not enrich anyone. However, if we create money for it, it enriches these people. Point 1

2.- Now we go to M0 quasi = to M1. If the central bank in addition to the above uses deposit money and payment traffic (money available in the short term), it dries up the local liquidity market. Plain and simple, it kills local economic activities.

If you add the dots 1 et 2, you have people who are becoming immensely powerful on one side, and people who are drowning in debt on the other.

Rowboat being offline, thanks to Apolline du Bistro Bar Blog for his assistance with the correction; )))))))))) and of course to Liliane Held Khawam for his expertise (this quick synthesis is thanks to his work...), and there are other people behind the scenes.....All this is a work ofteam up, and for the community....,

Good video ; )))))




Source (s): Youtube.com via Liliane Held-Khawam who thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

Et who will pay the c..... to Bruno Le Maire ?????? Those who can'afford' it's all those people who bet on the stock market like him, and who have been winning on all fronts for 12 years, but NOT me..., nor you either I think... (I have a lot of trouble not getting angry and in real life too, and it's starting to be a problem with all this nonsense.... ).

solution: The brilliant failure of the new credo, by Maurice Allais (1999)

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