The permanent crisis (Marc Chesney)

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Marc Chesney analyzes the historical trajectory that led to the rise of the financial aristocracy, its seizure of power and the failure of democracy. The ongoing financial crisis is the result of a crisis of democracy, a crisis of values, coupled with the enslavement of the elites. Economically, socially and environmentally, the situation continues to deteriorate. In this context, what are the remedies, what are the measures that citizens should actively support?

Listen, I who am nevertheless informed, I learned (or saw confirm) a lot of things, this video is simply unavoidable to understand what is wrong with our world.

Marc Chesney is Director of the Institute of "Banking and Finance" at the University of Zurich and Professor of Finance, it is difficult to tax him as " conspiracy... »

Once again, you will see that NOTHING is inevitable, not even the Labor Law!, which on the contrary is a serious error, by proposing again and again a supply policy, so that there should be a policy of demand, but it's not an error, it's INTENDED. These people are just completely crazy, finally they do not care since it is we who pay for their mistakes.

Heads you lose, tails I win, privatize the profits and socialize the losses.

But the stupidest it's us, since we are not interested in these subjects, and we let them, which explains the bankruptcy of our pseudo "democracies" (there too there would be a lot to sayMore we will come back).

Finally, as you will see, there are countermeasures, nothing very complicated, but just common sense and the return of morality, but that of course they don't want that.

So it's up to US to impose on them and take things in hand, otherwise, it's simple, you will be put in competition with robots or computer programs, and you will pay...

Do not miss in addition, The Shock Strategy: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein.

And you will have XXL intellectual defense weapons against the war propaganda of which we are victims.

Again there are solutions, that's what Etienne Chouard explained to us during his interview with Thinkerview (share videos or articles, and do some pedagogy, people are not stupid as long as things are clearly explained to them).

(As usual, articles in "Additional Information" are present under the video which also have "Additional Information", to corroborate what Marc Chesney explains to you, but they are not exhaustive, there are many, many 'other articles on the blog, more than 13.000, we simply can't put everything, it's up to you to dig...)


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The Permanent Crisis 15 09, 2017

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