The French state no longer exists. A team under foreign influence is in power (Valérie Bugault)

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I was looking for this video in acceptable quality (360p) and Spynozette posted it on Twitter (asking the interest of a presidential election in such conditions), so as this is exactly what we are trying to explain to you for years, and given the TOTAL URGENCY of the legal situation...., I hope that as many people as possible will relay this article and its 'additional information' at the bottom of the page to explain the thing.

Useful precision of Mme Bugault, the people behind this foreign influenced team are stateless private legal entities attached to the City of London that operate through Davos, Bilderberg, ICC, BIS, IMF, ECB and EU, IMF, l 'WTO, the WHO, the World Bank... it doesn't matter their nationality because these people have abolished the borders, they reign everywhere where there is a central bank... except that China has escaped them... which is a big pebble (a boulder actually) in their NOM/NWO shoe

I give you the link to the official website of Valérie Bugault. (if you want to find out)

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Valerie Bugault

I am an INDEPENDENT researcher, doctor of law and analyst of legal geopolitics, my works, articles and videos have been freely accessible for more than 10 years to inform and re-inform the population on subjects of general interest. Everything is accessible on this site.

My grandfather was a former member of the Resistance, an entrepreneur who started from nothing and nevertheless had many talents. It is in line with what he represented as a (resistant) man and as an entrepreneur that I wrote a thesis, misleadingly titled "The cessation of activity - Study of tax law", at where I created a unified legal theory of capital enterprise.

This legal theory reinvented (then without my knowledge) the foundations of "participation" that the CNR and de Gaulle had twice failed to implement, once in 1945 and a second time at the end of the 60s. would undoubtedly have passed very differently for France, its economy, its Nation, if "participation" could then have been implemented...

I defended my private law thesis at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne on September 8, 2005 and obtained the best mentions (very honorable mention with the congratulations of the jury), distributed on the exclusive condition that there is no no university career at stake!

The continuation on the site of Valerie Bugault.

Source (s): via Spynozette on Twitter; )

Further information : trillion dollars
French State No Longer Exists Valerie Bugault

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