Shock Interview: Claude Janvier on the book "The Virus and the President: Investigation into one of the greatest deceptions in History" (

Finally ! You see it's not just bad news at the start of the year; ))))

Because as we told you, the 1re interview with Claude Janvier for the release of the book "Le Virus et le Président" was censored by Sud Radio...

(Incredible coming from Sud Radio, but what I learned is that they changed CEO)

So Planetes360 did a new interview, but it also jumped on YouTube... it's nerd, but it's YouTube....

So they put it back on Rumble, and thanks to Mickaël from planetes360, here it is with us; ))).

So, ask yourself why all these people want to hide the release of this book from you at all costs..., and please pay attention to this interview... and the next ones...; )))

Thanks to

Of course, if you can buy the book, read it, and above all have it read ; )))








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