Euro digital, digital portfolio: "The planets align" - Virginie Joron (Sud Radio)

Once again I thank personally Virginie Joron who gives us exceptional information since the heart of the European nuclear reactor, and so (lacking a massive reaction) things run their course and as she puts it there is a "alignment of the planets"and these planets lead to the European digital passport and the MANDATORY 'vaccination' as well as to the digital €uro and therefore incidentally to TOTAL dictatorship, in particular through the scientism.... (which is NOT science).

But nobody cares, as Thierry Breton says "80% of people have accepted the vaccination, acceptance of the European digital passport will not be a problem...."

Update 06.05.2022: 4 billion doses: the Baltic countries alert the EU to the overproduction of vaccines! (V.Joron)

Update 22.06.2022 : I add it because there are DOUBTS so I want to be completely objective, it is possible that there is a link between the digital €uro and these nanotechnology 'possibly' in vaccines, I see BIG as a house, a unique digital identification emitted by radio frequencies, I remind you of all the caution that I put, but if these nanotechnology are observed abroad why is NO ONE carrying out an investigation in France?, do they know the result or what? Ask yourself, before is better than after.....

Update 25.06.2022: European health pass: the whole NUPES (including Manon Aubry) voted for! (LCDS)



Virginie Joron, RN deputy of the Identity Democracy group in the European Parliament is the guest of André Bercoff.

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