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You know that we are on the edge of the abyss, ready to fall into total dictatorship, ofFederal Europe.... and almost no French person is aware of the issues....

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On April 23 at 18:30 p.m., François Asselineau, Nicolas Stoquer, Jean-Maxime Corneille and Lara Stam will be our guests, live on Géopolitique Profonde.

François Asselineau is a senior French civil servant and politician, president of the Popular Republican Union (UPR) since its creation in 2007. A graduate of HEC Paris and ENA, he led a career as a senior civil servant in various ministerial cabinets under the governments right-wing movement of the 1990s. In politics, he is known for his defense of France's exit from the European Union, the euro zone and NATO, a position which often places him on the sovereignist spectrum.

Nicolas Stoquer is a geopolitical scientist and expert in economic intelligence. He is also a program manager at Radio Courtoisie, where he notably hosts The free journal of Deep Geopolitics in partnership with our media.

Lara Stam is a columnist on Radio Courtoisie alongside Nicolas Stoquer, notably on the Free Journal of Deep Geopolitics.

Jean-Maxime Corneille is a lawyer and writer, specializing in geopolitics, terrorism and intelligence issues. He notably translated the work “ The discreet charm of jihad: The geopolitical instrumentalization of radical Islam ».

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The European elections are a key moment for citizens of the European Union, offering them the opportunity to shape the political and economic future of the continent. This year, the theme of our live interview is particularly hot: Frexit and its implications. We will discuss the reasons why certain parties, such as the UPR, choose to present a list in the European elections, despite their critical position towards the EU. We will also discuss their vision for Europe and their distinctive political project.

Frexit, or France's exit from the European Union, is a subject that sparks lively debates. For its supporters, it represents an opportunity to regain national sovereignty and free themselves from an organization they perceive as tyrannical. For its opponents, it is a major economic and political risk. Our interview will explore these perspectives, question the media taboo around Frexit and examine the arguments for and against leaving the 5th republic.

The approach of the European elections is a decisive moment for the UPR, which sees in Frexit a chance to redefine France's relations with its neighbors and the world. It is therefore essential to understand the stakes of these elections for a party which advocates a radical change of course.

Don't miss this event on April 23 at 18:30 p.m., live on GPTV.

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