Died Suddenly - Death Suddenly (FR)

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The French dubbed version of Died Suddenly - Mort Suddenly is finally available. I will admit to you that I am in shock, as you know I have a son and my mother who are vaccinated, so even if we were warned, it's a shock to see this info. The testimony of these embalmers is crucial, because during deaths there is almost never an autopsy, so they are the only ones to see these clots and more. Know that if you are vaccinated the numbers D-dimers can help.

Reminder: a total or partial withdrawal Blackrock and Vanguard behind global takeover and vaccine mandate (Truthunmuted.org)

Update 12.11.2022: Incredible Jean Lassalle announces that the vaccine almost killed him and that Macron was not vaccinated (French Spirits)

Update 19.11.2022: Australia records 63% drop in births after coronavirus 'vaccines' introduced - What will be the government's excuse? (dcdirtylaundry.com)

Update 22.11.2022: Mortality according to vaccination status: the mind-blowing response of the Commission for Access to Administrative Documents (CADA)

Update 05.12.2022:URGENT: INSEE confirms the collapse in the birth rate since the start of vaccination (LCDS)




Source (s): Odyssey.com via Twitter


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