Nanotechnology in vaccines?

You will find all the studies cited in the Twitt below linked in the article or in the 'additional information' at the bottom of the article which are articles related to the subject addressed.

Impossible to reach Professor Montagnier on Twitter, but I think he would be unanimous in France to validate or invalidate these strange discoveries in vaccines.



This is an image of a drop of the New Zealand Pfizer COMIRNATY "vaccine" under a cover, after it was inadvertently slightly heated, and visualized the same day by low magnification dark field microscopy, projected onto a screen of TV.

Nanotech In Pfizer

The images below were obtained after buying a new computer with a decent graphics system and software for the camera.  



Increase the magnification on the image below and look closely.  



The long story is this:

I'm a medical doctor in good standing, having a background in math and physics in college, then specializing beyond internal medicine after residency. I have extensive experience in phase contrast microscopy.

People who had been injured by the Pfizer sting started showing up in my office. At that time, in 2021, I didn't have a microscope.  

Several doctors had come forward in other countries to report strange observations. The Dr Zandre Botha from South Africa showed strange and uniform round circles. (Editor's note. Germans too), La Quinta Columna showed what appeared to be microchips and other formations. Two other doctors talked about parasites and all things, hydras !  

It's not my first rodeo. Having already experienced how those of us who take a critical look at the vaccine situation are heavily infiltrated by people wishing to hijack and control the narrative, I thought, "What is is real?", "What is put forward in order to make those who ask the questions look like fools?".

Due to my extensive previous experience in microscopy, learning to use a darkfield microscope did not require a huge amount of education. I took a 12 week course in live blood analysis using the most sophisticated dark field microscope and camera I could buy. It magnifies up to 4000 times.  

After closely examining the blood of dozens of people injured by vaccines, patients began asking me about certain round and square formations of bright yellow color in their capillary blood, as could be seen on the screen.



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I have nothing else to say. The pictures speak for themselves.  

This research should be continued by other laboratories.  

Get high quality German blades and cover slats. Place a drop of vaccine from a used vial or a fresh vial. Observe activity at low magnification and also at 1600 to 4000x using darkfield microscopy. Get a dry incubator for fresh slides and set it to different temperatures ranging from 38 to 42 for at least an hour. Observe again. If nothing interesting happened, try putting them back in the incubator. Follow up on day two. Do the same with a drop of blood and a drop of vaccine. Combine different lots of vaccines and use one drop of the combined vaccines on each slide.  

Use PPE and ventilate the space so you don't breathe in liquid (a laminar flow hood would be ideal) and wear gloves. 




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