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Hello everyone, it's Sunday, but Valérie Bugault reposted this article on Twitter, and I think it perfectly sums up the situation, and the responsibility, as well as the historical choice we have (for us, but also for our children).

Moreover, as we have seen with the origins of the European Union, who says Nazi ideology, says scientific experiments and eugenics...

And we come to a point where the work of several people has identified 140 hypermassive and hyperconnected companies (including McKinsey) as the core of this whole system.

But if there HAD had financial regulation, it would not have been possible to see such an amount of resources (and stake in other businesses) concentrated in so few entities like Blackrock, and Vanguard (and the other 138).

It's simple, they are everywhere...., Also this 'official' takeover of the world was INEDUCTABLE.... Same for Google, how is such a monopoly possible without there being any deviations?

Moreover, as I told you (in my opinion) our country had the resources, legal, intellectual, Opportunities, monetary, scientific to allow us to constitute a humane and above all viable alternative to the British 'All business'. (which only aims to accumulate a lot of profits in a few hands, by not giving a damn about the short, medium and long-term consequences, which means that this model is NOT viable).

And since always the Americans (thus the British) want our skin, the only one who prevented them, it was General de Gaulle, so they 'blew' him up ...

So finally, they were able to get closer to the government and we kill financially as early as 1973

Then (despite the vote of the French) in 2007 Sarkozy made us join Europe and then NATO.

The rest we know is butchering over 15 years...

Today Transnationals are even part of our 'defense councils' haha.....

History does not 'repeat' exactly, but it stutters...

The question is whether the French will be able to get out of the mental manipulation in which the government plunged them, to wake up and open your eyes on how they have been manipulating us for 250 years with the equation: “Problem —> Reaction —> Solution”

Otherwise they will be intimidated, humiliated, insulted, stripped and soon stateless (but with brand new iPhones). Then finally sacrificed on the altar of Nazism and capitalism 'uninhibited' aka'globalization' (unbeknownst to their own free will)...



IV kingdom

Financial globalism, true commercial fundamentalism, as the origin of the World Wars of yesterday and tomorrow.

I°) Brief reminder of the unfolding of historical sequences since the Revolutions of the XNUMXth centurye century

From a political point of view, based on the imperial ambitions of Olivier Cromwell (1599 – 1658; cf. ; ), which would become the British Empire extended its grip on the world through the development of the system of central banks, representative parliamentarianism and Anglo-Saxon law (which revolves around commercial and maritime axes only). It should immediately be remembered that this "Anglo-Saxon law" was emancipated from the principle of continental law from 1531 (birth of the Anglican Church under the reign of King Henry VIII), transforming its initial vocation, which was to organize the conditions for living together, as a “weapon of population control” in the hands of the powerful.

Olivier Cromwell initiated the principle of the Commonwealth, a sort of universal commercial republic attached to the Crown (cf. by using its toolbox made up of anonymity, opacity, political theater (via so-called representative parliamentarism), in order to establish the seeds of what will become (has already become!) the hegemony capitalist and stateless Anglo-Saxon high finance. Let us immediately specify that it is therefore the Dutch-British capitalistic model that prevailed, at the expense of the Rhine model of co-management and what could have become the French model of co-decision (participation).

It is precisely this political balance of power that has generated the obsession of economic tenants to impose a new imperial model called "World Government" in order to drastically reduce Humanity and enslave the few survivors. This slavery will take the form of the fusion of biological and digital identities, that is to say the control of the slightest acts and thoughts of men, which has nothing in common with all the tyrannies that we have historically known.

It is indeed a question here of the end of Humanity in that a Man has always been able to preserve, by definition and whatever his social status, his autonomy of thought as well as his freedom of discernment and conscience. It is a question here of withdrawing from Humanity what is its primary characteristic.

From the geopolitical point of view, I will quickly pass over all the intermediate stages followed by the Anglo-Saxon economic tenants in their long march towards world hegemony; these stages, quite decisive, consisted in imposing a global capitalism/communism dialectic whereas they were at the origin of these two ideologies and these terms were connoted in the sense that the dominant media in their pay were engineered to impose in the collective unconscious. To clarify the debates, it is therefore necessary to clarify two things:

  • By “capitalism”, we mean the Dutch-British model, a veritable political, legal and economic sham;
  • By “communism”, we must understand a model in which men are prevented from producing, from living freely and in which wealth is monopolized by a small group of apparatchiks/bureaucrats as useless as they are harmful in terms of social development.

Without this domination of the British Empire, as sneaky as it is ruthless, it would have been possible to consider other models of development. Or rather, we could then have worked out a long-lasting development model, favorable both at individual and collective level, whereas the British model led us directly and without possible escape to an economic, social and political impasse.

In particular, we could have developed, on the model of the social doctrine of the Church of the XIXe century, a pattern of economic development in which monopolization is made impossible and in which labor power, both material and immaterial, has a social status equivalent to the contribution of capital.

It is exactly this model that I propose to follow again on the occasion of my reform of the institutions ( it is a question of returning to the bifurcation of the "all commercial" that we have undergone, reluctantly since the wave of Colored Revolutions that occurred during the XNUMXthe century, in order to resume the path of European Civilization, from which we have strayed for too long, a path paved with justice, truth and the search for balance.

Beyond Western Europe, the real rear base of the domination of British finance, and the other dominated continents, the unthinkable happened on the Asian side. Since Xi Jinping came to power, representatives of stateless finance from the British Empire have begun to realize that they are in the process of losing their financial, moral and commercial grip on China.

These supporters of global hegemony were therefore prepared, from this time, to fight the resurgent Eurasian continental empire. NATO has therefore declared China the main threat ( ; ; ;

II°) State of play in France in August 2021

As I have already explained many and many times, it so happens that since March 16, 2020, the French institutions have been put on hold by Macron, as Head of State, Chief of the Armed Forces and representative of the executive power. French.

As a result, our official institutions, those which are parties to the European Treaties, NATO, the WHO, the WTO… are de jure and de facto in cessation of activity; we find ourselves in an institutional legal vacuum in which sovereign functions are captured by illegitimate authorities. Officially our country has disappeared from the radar of public international law, the sovereign functions of the State are diverted from their mission to be put at the service of an obscure Health Defense Council which has neither a satisfactory legal basis nor political legitimacy. We are witnessing State misappropriation, an abuse of public international law!

This diversion of the institutions, made from within by the power in place, was only possible because the French institutions no longer functioned before their suspension. Thus, all the political theater established by so-called representative “parliamentarism” now appears to everyone for what it really has always been: a political sham.

A°) Consequently, the question that arises is: what will become of the French State?

The answer to this question is binary: either France evolves on the model initiated in the XVIIIe century, and disappears definitively as an autonomous entity while the French are reduced to slavery. Either the French show themselves capable, as they have already done in their history, of an improbable start and manage, collectively, to impose an institutional bifurcation and to find the road of their civilizational evolution on its millennial model.

The answer can only be binary because the two orientations, radically opposed to each other, come from a shift or not of the relationship of the social and political forces at stake. The shift, if it takes place, cannot than being total because the tenants of financial hegemony will not be able to content themselves with sharing a power that they have exercised absolutely for some 250 years now.

B°) The geopolitical consequences of the answer that will be given to the question of the institutional future of France

In the perspective where the globalist forces win the institutional battle, we will witness a revitalization of the European federalist authorities; we already know the EuroGendfor (Cf., but we will witness the birth of the Euroforce (Cf. These two "European" forces which will remain attached, from afar, to NATO via the European Treaties, will be and are already the unexpected opportunity for the globalist forces to legitimize, legalize and recycle the mercenaries of the Stay Behind (Cf. Daniele Ganser "NATO's secret armies"), which work everywhere in Europe, under cover and which report only to their real principal, that is to say the financial forces which have taken the Western control. The legal status of these forces in terms of responsibility will not be changed, because they will only continue to be accountable to High Finance, which controls de facto and de jure the European authorities.

Added to this is the highly dangerous specter of a merger of this reinforced European Union with the Intermarium (’Union%20de%20l’entre%2Dmers,-Plan%20initial%20(1919&text=Les%20services%20secrets%20polonais%20%C3%A9tablissent,%C3%A9dification%20et%20d’%C3%A9mancipation%20nationales), even though this organization officially claims Nazi ideology.

With a little hindsight, it is easy to consider that history repeats itself because the conditions that gave birth to the IIIe Reich are reunited again: the omnipotence of high finance (which via the creation of the Bank for International Settlements had financed Hitler's preparations and war economy) will thus succeed in creating an IVe Reich, rear base of their future war against the China-Russia bloc, that is to say against the Eurasian continent as a resurgent terrestrial political force (which could therefore oppose the absolute control, by the globalist powers, of the maritime trade routes).

III°) Some questions to ask yourself

I draw your attention to several phenomena.

A°) Transformation of the State…

The first phenomenon is the following: why did the leaders of the state themselves, on their own initiative, put an end to the legal existence of this state? Because finally, the State can be challenged but then it is a challenge that cannot come from the management teams. However, we have witnessed the negation of the State by those who run it without the latter being in any way embarrassed by non-existent checks and balances. These leaders therefore had a good reason, although not avowed, for putting an end to this State… What better reason can we imagine than the transformation of the legal structure into a different structure, of another nature?

In this case, I invite you to remember Macron's undisguised and perfectly assumed tropism for the European institutions, as well as his avowed and uninhibited desire to share our nuclear power with Germany (a country under the yoke of the same financial forces dominant than France!). We should also remember the recent signing of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ( ;, creating the first European region.

Gold; what could be simpler than tipping the French State, which de facto and de jure no longer exists (since the team in place has previously ensured its disappearance), towards this a-national federal superstructure controlled by financial powers?

B°) … By means of the implementation of the strategy of tension by the executive power

I would also like you to reflect on the recurrent phenomenon (so recurrent that we can now consider that it is a permanent mode of administration of the populations), according to which the President (what serves as President) affirms positively and publicly that it will never go against the interest of the French people – for example that it will never impose the wearing of generalized masks or that it will never make experimental injection compulsory – before the government returns , a few weeks later, on this claim and imposes bullying and punishment unimaginable in a state of law.

  • By the way, I insist on the fact that we should all be worried when the President publicly demonstrates that he will not harm our interests! Such an assertion should be more than superfluous as it should "go without saying", so there is no need to specify it. This attitude is, in itself, very problematic and should invite us to question its purposes… –

The latest bullying to date, in the form of real provocation, made to the French concerns the police.

The ruling team had initially assured that the police would not be the subject of a forced experimental injection.

However, on August 24, Darmanin, who served as Minister of the Interior, came to affirm that if the rate of voluntary injection did not increase significantly among the police forces (, the latter would be forced into a forced injection.

Remember that the gendarmerie had received its injection constraint punishment before the police ( since we learned on August 19 that the gendarmes should all be injected before September 15 (

Previously, and from the law of August 5, 2021 (extremely questionable and nevertheless validated without qualms by the Constitutional Council) it was the body of firefighters who was forced to compulsory injection ( ;

Finally, we find that the strategy of division not having been enough to raise the French against their forces of order and the gendarmerie against the police, the executive power changed its strategy to punish everyone.

The method of government used is reminiscent of the techniques used by the CIA for mind control (project MK Ultra) consisting in creating a climate of permanent and generalized terror (fear of the virus) to then show itself partially lenient and finally , in a third and final step, severely punish the targeted victims. The objective of these fraudulent maneuvers is to generate astonishment, confusion and guilt within the populations, so that they become incapable of reacting, that their inclinations of self-defense are definitively neutralized.

Finally, it should be added for an exhaustive view of the situation, that the government is once again using denunciation as a mode of government; which is reminiscent of the management techniques of the French people under Nazi occupation ( : “Disclosure 2.0: The fraud prevention platform has been enriched with a new special “Covid” tab. It is now possible to denounce your company and the local merchant who does not comply with Covid-XNUMX injunctions with a simple click”).

C°) The objective sought by the executive power

The government is increasing the social pressure to maximize the chances of ending in generalized chaos allowing the passage to the next stage: European integration at a forced march... with legitimization of the mercenaries of the secret armies of NATO recycled in Euroforce and Eurogendfor (already completed… or in the process of advanced completion).

Let's not forget that during the first quarter of 2022, France officially takes over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union. The stated objective being to build a "more united and more sovereign" Europe ( It should be understood by this that the objective is to strengthen European federalism by implementing the common taxation of companies (long-standing ACCIS project), the probable federalization of State debts (if Germany plays the game... ), and federal law enforcement.

The informed observer can only worry about this long "march", dear to macronism, towards the IVe Reich.

It is indeed necessary to remember the Nazi ancestry of the institutions of federal Europe (born of the prolific spirit of the jurist Walter Hallstein who will become the first president of the European Commission;, and let us remember that this Europe was built by and for the multinationals: started by the ECSC, it was continued by the omnipotence of the ECB, no staff of which is elected by any people whatsoever, by hiding behind the appearance of popular legitimacy stemming from the European Parliament, which has no initiative in regulatory matters and whose role, year after year, focuses on the choice of multinationals that benefit from the Directives and other Regulations.

The interests which manage the European institutions are the same as those which happen to be at the origin of the Club of Rome (whose eugenic position is claimed and assumed), of Bilderberg (this group was created by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands , former Nazi, see in this regard  ; he was officially involved, with the mafia and the P2 lodge, in attacks under false flags of the Gladio which occurred in Italy), and of Davos (in addition to the Nazi activities of the father of Klaus Schwab, ; the very site of Davos having hosted Nazi activities, read These interests, which are at the origin of the rise of the Nazis which culminated in the IIIe Reich and at the 2nd World War, are directed and regulated by those who control the City of London and the Bank for International Settlements. These interests are again at work today for the strengthening of the institutions of the "European Union"...

A step further, the strengthening of European federalism will be the gateway to the merger of these bodies, dominated by Anglo-Saxon high finance, with the organization called "Intermarium" (, which is openly directed against Russia and officially and unashamedly claims Nazi doctrine and ideology… The Intermarium's watchword is “Reconquista”! What "reconquest" can it be in the context where the member countries of the Intermarium have absolutely no problem with immigration?

France in suspension administered by the Macron team and under the control of global financial forces therefore leads us "On the march" towards Nazism "all tendencies" combined and the destruction of Humanity via the 3e World War…

IV°) Conclusion

The prospect the globalist mafia has concocted for us is domestic terror and genocide (via the biological weapon of so-called vaccines which are but experimental genetic injections), which will be followed by an inescapable world war which will see pit the Nazi EU (under NATO cover and under the direction and control of City forces) against the Eurasian China-Russia bloc and their allies.

Roughly speaking, the protagonists of this ultimate war against Humanity will be the maritime empire against a resurgent continental empire.




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