De Gaulle, the man to be killed (LCP)

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History always history, if in 2022, i.e. 49 years later (now that we're up against the wall) the French) could finally get out of their almost guilty naivety, and understand (always) the multilevel game of our "allies"Americans.

Update 09.05.2022: The USA is spying on our Companies and waging an Economic War on us (Ali Laïdi)

Charles de Gaulle who had denounced in 1965 the american money printing press was the last French president to have made the interests of France and the French people the top priority, and beyond our borders, he was the only one who knew how to have a strategic vision over 50 years, as with nuclear power, and defend a fierce independence from France (the Americans still remember this and you will understand how they reacted, it is in this sense that for me France was the 1re American 'color' revolution).

Moreover, after his ouster during the NO vote in the 1969 referendum, Pompidou came to power and with him  high finance has invited itself to the government, which signed the end of the monetary sovereignty of our country, then there was the law of 3th January 1973, then Maastricht, the NO vote in the referendum, and finally N. Sarkozy who had the treaty ratified in 2007 allowing for a 'Constitution by Europe' by PARLIAMENTARY way.

And 'here's' 15 years of 'little step...' And  Game over...

Do you still believe that things happen by chance?




To make de Gaulle give in, or even outright eliminate this inconvenience, the successive American administrations, starting with their armed arms, the OSS (the ancestor of the CIA) then the CIA, have fired all wood. From the most elaborate media manipulations to the clandestine financing of the General's adversaries, no twisted blow was spared him.

Why this hostility never denied, for three decades, while the founder of the Ve Republic knew how to show itself to be America's strongest ally when, in the early XNUMXs, the nuclear apocalypse threatened? Because unlike other Europeans, the French president believed that friendship should never rhyme with vassalage.

Of all the hosts of the White House, only one had the foresight to fully share this point of view: the unclassifiable Richard Nixon who, on the advice of De Gaulle, did more for the peace of the world than any of his predecessors ( agreements on disarmament with Moscow, withdrawal from Vietnam, recognition of China, etc.).

Thanks to declassified archives, but also to unexploited and new testimonies, it is now possible to tell for the first time this "secret war of thirty years" which, from 1940 to 1969, pitted de Gaulle against the will to power of the UNITED STATES. While at the most crucial moments of the Cold War, the General's support always remained certain in Washington, the State Department and the CIA did everything possible to eliminate him from the international scene.


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De Gaulle Man to be Killed


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