Thunderbolt on BFMTV: After the Vaccinal Pass, the Carbon Pass will be put in place! (

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The conspirators have never proved so much right to the conspirators who can no longer be relegated to the rank of wacky Illuminati bonesetters... BFMTV, under the command of billionaire Patrick Drahi - who would have asked for the loss of his French nationality, and has the Israeli nationality — prepares us for the carbon dictatorship to disguise modern slavery.

After the first full-scale test with the health pass, then the vaccination pass which marginalized millions of human beings from society who did not wish to be vaccinated, the carbon pass will go much further since refusal will no longer be possible. Besides, you may not know it, but you have already started the first step: do not heat above 19°C, otherwise pay attention to the bill! You will therefore have a carbon quota not to be exceeded under penalty of sanctions and prohibitions of all kinds.

Virginie Joron, Member of the European Parliament, is surprised on Twitter that "the carbon permit or #PassCarbone - the little brother of #PassSanitaire - has become BFMTV's obsession in less than 24 hours".

Here is a small overview of the journalists of BFMTV in this newspaper/scenario of the future, where the implementation of a "carbon permit" is imagined to limit our greenhouse gas emissions. Concretely, this would mean that we would each have an authorized CO2 credit and not to exceed each year.

BFMTV explains to the consumer to plan how he wishes to spend his CO2 credit, within the limit of 2 tons per year, knowing that a beef steak of 250g is equivalent to 6 kg of CO2, a full of 50 liters of to 50 kg, a baguette weighs 150 g… A round trip by plane from Paris to New York is very expensive: 1 tonne of CO2. In 2019, a Swedish start-up had thus imagined with Mastercard a credit card which calculated the carbon footprint of each purchase and informed the consumer, being able to even "block" expenses as soon as a "carbon maximum" was reached.

Thus, for MP Julie Lechanteux “after the vaccine pass, the #PassCarbone. What the worst dystopias depicted for us, ecologists claim. Their dream: a society of total control, where each of our purchases is deducted from a carbon quota. A society of injunction and contempt. »

Here are the results of the Elabe poll conducted for BFMTV with a sample of 1005 people on the introduction of a "carbon permit" setting a maximum annual carbon emission threshold not to be exceeded: "52% of French people are opposed to the introduction of a “carbon permit” per person setting a maximum annual carbon emission threshold not to be exceeded, of which 28% were quite opposed and 24% very opposed. Conversely, 48% are in favour, including 40% quite in favor and 8% very in favour. »

The “carbon permit” is at the origin of a double political and generational divide:

The voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon (58% in favor) and Emmanuel Macron (57%) are mostly in favor, those of Marine Le Pen opposed (65%).
The 18-24 year olds (65% in favour) and to a lesser extent the 25-49 year olds (53%) are mostly in favour, while the 50 and over are against it (59%).

To combat this dystopian madness, it would be necessary to understand the genesis of this carbon story, as Philippe Herlin notes on Twitter: “Scandalous propaganda for the #PassCarbone. What if journalists did their job and questioned the reality of anthropogenic global warming? But questioning the causes of global warming is banned on social media and will get you banned, just like it was with vaccination.
If controlling people based on health criteria via the vaccination pass was possible, the elites will do so based on other criteria. They prepare the minds by articles in the form of questions, by polls, by catastrophic announcements on the climate... and of course it will be necessary to find a scapegoat on whom to hit.


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