Corruption, pandemic, genomic programs and murder: Wuhan was working on the 'gain of function' under the supervision of INSERM and therefore of France (Raphaël Cohen)

This will make a nice tribute to the professor Mountain, who had said it from April 2020...., and 2 years later we learn that we did not just deliver them the turnkey Wuhan P4 lab...

And that Wuhan was working on 'gain of function' under the supervision of INSERM and therefore of France..., (41mn 45) this with US funds and French !

We understand the role of the press and the 'fact-checkers' who made people who asked themselves this question pass (from the start) for 'conspirators' and weak-minded people, I think, of all these 'agencies' like Newsguard and the very French Conspiracy Watch...

In short, with people like that, it's no wonder that almost 3 years later, we haven't taken a step forward, and that we're screaming to the right and to the left. american news, to demand accountability to the Americans and China, nothing is relayed or else they are totally bogus 'Parisian' articles, in short.

But you'll see, it's even more serious than that, and it goes beyond the scope of the Covid. Raphaël Cohen gives you the 'Big Picture' here, and I can't summarize 1h44mn of video in 10 lines, but it's about PCR tests and the human genome, and several research programs 'genomics' with some aborted human fetuses to make genetic experiments of interspecies compatibility, and it clearly indicates the uuse over 76 human fetuses aborted to design each vaccine and the involvement of the highest authorities (we had warned for vaccines).

He also speaks vaccine-induced variants and further than that, indicates that the 'treatment' (which is useless at the level of coronavirus except for the creation of variants) on the other hand involves the loss of 90% of the NHEJ DNA self-repair mechanism of the human body, which induces 'losses' of genetic code, 'errors' of code and mutations, and therefore cancers , etc. (because the cells in the body constantly 'mutate' just from the radioactive bombardment of the sun, and so DNA normally repairs itself 'automatically').

And here we are not even talking about possibilities nanotechnology, but just genetic engineering and 'conventional' science, etc.

It also indicates why people who claim damages will NEVER succeed (without revolt).

I saw the whole video, and it took me a while, but I think the information given here seems serious and sourced, and quickly becomes essential to understand what is happening, because these people are the evil embodied. And I think with the other tracks (further information), we are beginning to have a good, good image, quite clear of all this, and the actors and forces present (including in particular because of the TOTAL ABSENCE of regulation, (The business 'manages' the business...haha). 150 companies at the World level, hypermassive and hyperconnected as Blackrock & Vanguard). And it fits perfectly into the agenda of Davos and European Digital ID, with carbon quotas, social credit, etc.

And so in addition to eugenics (made in USA)? And assumed interspecies genetic crossing?, in short.... here is a new facet of this New World Order... which definitely reminds us more and more of the past...

It's 'uninhibited' Nazism in fact....

I wonder how the world will react when they find out about our country's active role in this 'covid' crisis, it might be exciting..., for once we have something that works internationally ...haha

Do like me, try to imagine what it will cost us in terms of damages and criminal liability (we are talking about the design and use of bacteriological warfare weapons anyway), E. Macron who wanted prosecute 'disinformants', it will be served...., not sure if they can 'classify' these complaints vertically like he did it with the 20.000 French complaints...

Also if you find the speech interesting: share it, download the video (and especially, re-upload it somewhere else), in short, broadcast (the video is also on Odysee)


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Update 11.02.2022: View and download the text of the complaint (The Enraged

ALERT 27.03.2022 everything is exposed here : Grand Jury / Court of Public Opinion (Reiner Fuellmich)




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