Corruption of the elites: the war of the globalists - Politique & Eco n°373 with Stanislas Berton (TVL)

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hello to all, few tickets, but vouchers, and here is a bit of perspective to start this weekend, with the excellent Stanislas berton, on TV Libertés.

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It's an out of bounds war! A war by infiltration rather than invasion, a war revealed by the events in Ukraine: the subversion of our institutions by the globalist elites unfolds in all areas. Their objective is to establish a world governance of a religious, totalitarian and technocratic nature, based on the ruins of nations and peoples. To achieve this, mind manipulation and social engineering techniques neutralize any will to resist. But for the economic analyst, Stanislas Berton, the reign of the globalists is coming to an end. A theory that he develops in his latest book: "Man and the City" volume III. To avoid their victory, he invites the French to become aware of the realities and this begins by opening their eyes! As Georges Bernanos said: "The French cannot be saved because they spend their time lying to themselves".

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Essays-Man and the City - Volume III

Stanislas Berton

This third volume in the "Man and the City" series brings together the revised and expanded versions of the essays published on Stanislas Berton's website in 2022, accompanied by an unpublished text and several exclusive translations. In the texts that make up this collection, Stanislas Berton reveals behind the scenes of this total war waged against the peoples and reveals the strategy of the international alliance mobilized to put globalism in check. An essential book to fight "the empire of lies" and understand the real issues of a crisis that is shaking France and upsetting the world.



Further information : Ukraine on fire trillion dollars





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