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Ladies and Gentlemen,

If there is one issue that will not be addressed during the European election campaign, it is that of language. 

And this question will not be addressed, because the imposition of English (and primarily in our schools), an imposition that we have been witnessing for at least three decades, must be done in an undeclared way, on the sly, by submarine, in homeopathic doses so that the peoples of Europe do not notice the subterfuge and are faced, after a while, with a fait accompli: English is everywhere, so this language must be the language official language of the EU, the common language of Europeans. Then, of course, it will become by force of circumstances their language tout court, because, after all, why continue to learn national languages ​​since they have become useless for living and working, as the (regional) languages ​​of our ancestors?

The ousting of French as the working language of the European Commission was masterfully highlighted on May 6 by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, who, invited to the Élysée by President Macron in the part of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Paris, spoke only in English during the discussions she had with the two presidents.

The icing on the cake: Ursula von der Leyen also spoke in English within the Representation in France of the European Commission, that is to say in front of an audience largely made up of French people.

Who authorized Ms. Von der Leyen to express herself, in the name of the European Union, in the language of Pfizer, the language of her American friends who want to vaccinate us in the English way to better submit us?


Faced with this observation that could not be more alarming about the influence of the Anglo-American over Europe, a influence which puts us in fact under American dependence, whether ideological, military, cultural or political, we ask politicians and politicians of all stripes to react urgently:

- by declaring that English, following Brexit, will no longer be one of the working languages ​​within the European Union.

- that following this departure two major European languages ​​will replace it: Spanish and Italian. This will mean that there will now be 4 working languages ​​within the European Union: German, Spanish, French and Italian.

- that to facilitate translations into the 24 official languages ​​of the EU, French will be taken as the pivot language.

- that it will be decided that in all primary schools in the EU there will be an introduction to foreign languages ​​in order to open the minds of students to languages ​​in general, to the languages ​​of the world, to the various alphabets, on the different ways of transcribing thought, etc. The major linguistic groups will be studied, but we will also speak of so-called “exotic”, regional and minority languages, as well as Esperanto, a language that is easy to learn and built to put everyone on an equal footing for communication. international. 

 - When entering high school, in 6th grade, to avoid the rush on the American language, we will henceforth teach two foreign languages ​​by generalizing bilingual classes, that is to say classes where we learn not one foreign language but two (LV1 + LV1).

Because we are not colonized peoples, because the wealth of Europe lies in the diversity of its languages ​​and its cultures, because, as the academic and writer Umberto Eco said, the language of Europe it is the translation, and because we do not have to systematically know the language spoken on the Washington side to live, study and work, then all together we say “NO” to the all-English policy currently being pursued. by Mrs Von der Leyen and Co, and we want to do what is necessary to ensure that Europe's motto “United in diversity” lives on.

In doing so, ladies and gentlemen politicians, we urge you to defend us by defending our languages, and French first since we are part of the great family of Francophones, and in this we ask you to include in your political programs for France and for Europe this fight, this fight which can be summed up by the slogan “US language go home!*”.

Top hearts !

* The language of Americans must not become the 2nd language of France nor the official and working language of the EU.

Régis Ravat,

President of Afrav

For the little story :

Following an advertisement from the European Commission which highlighted English to the detriment of French, which contravenes Law No. 94-665 of August 4, 1994, the so-called Toubon law and which also contravenes various European texts on languages of the Union, we lodged a complaint with the European Parliament. 

Without a response from him, we submitted our file to the European Ombudsman. 

Will we have an answer? - Mystery and gumdrop !

Francophonie 3

Published by Régis RAVAT on May 09, 2024


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