101 - News of the lawsuit against Pfizer brought by A. McCarthy / P. Najadi - Valérie BUGAULT (Valérie Bugault)

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I was reported the video on Twitter, you will find part 1 here, and I leave that to your sagacity, Mrs. Bugault also speaks of the 'possibles' nano particles (additional information) and social control, digital currency, etc., so our worst doubts seem to be confirmed.

You will therefore have news of this complaint against Pfizer brought among others by A. McCarthy and P. Najadi who, as you will see, receive help from all over the world.

And that on the other hand, my Twitter contacts are right, it brings hope.... Please, give them visibility (and talk about it in the 'real world'), because they take big risks, the more they will be known and their legal actions, the less risk they will take.

Update 7.10.2023: Pfizer: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Lab? - Additional investigation (France 2)  

Update 10.05.2023: The Vaccination Dead Are Not Silent – ​​The Pfizer Super Catastrophe (by Ivo Sasek)  


Good evening, and good video...

Pascal Najadi: "Our lawsuit, Ana McCarthy and I, in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Manhattan, against Pfizer Inc. is the only one in the world that is moving forward. As you may know, even nations can't sue Pfizer Inc. because they signed immunity agreements. However, Ana McCarthy and I managed to do that..." https://tinyurl.com/SupremeCourtNY-Ma...


source: Youtube.com

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